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How To Schedule Reports

[Reporting - Video] Learn how to schedule any LeaseHawk report for regular email delivery.

Product Logins

Looking to log in? Access the login pages for LeaseHawk Reporting, HawkEye Business Intelligence and more, right from this page.

Lead Analysis Introduction

[Lead Analysis - Article] Utilize LeadScore AI to successfully review every call and track marketing effectiveness.

LeaseHawk Reporting for Managers

[Reporting - Webinar ] Watch our on-demand training webinar to learn the basic functionality of LeaseHawk's reporting and business intelligence tools, with an emphasis on recommended reports. Learn how reports help you maximize your LeaseHawk data to measure marketing, agent performance, and CRM usage.

Call Tracking Product Introduction

[Call Tracking - Article] Keep track of which ad sources are bringing in calls and then efficiently analyze the call recordings, volume and data.

How to Correct "Unknown Employee" Names in Reporting

[Agent Performance - How-To Guide] Do you see an "Unknown Employee" in your Scored Calls report? You may be missing an employee code for one of your team members. Follow the steps in this guide to correct the issue.

LeadScore AI Report Descriptions

[Lead Analysis - Article] These report descriptions will give users a more detailed look into how to take advantage of LeadScore AI and which features are best suited for their needs

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Appointments & Guest Cards

[ACE - Article] ACE is your AI-powered virtual leasing assistant and is your back up for busy days or after-hours calls. She answers common leasing questions, creates guest cards and schedules appointments. Learn how ACE notifies you through email or the LeaseHawk CRM.

Call Tracking Report Descriptions

[Call Tracking - Article] Get to know your call details here--who's calling and when, audio files and how your team is doing answering the phones.

LeaseHawk Best Practices Guide

[Reporting - Article] Get started on the right foot with call tracking, lead analysis, agent performance, CRM and ACE. By following a few simple steps and suggestions, you and your team will be set up for leasing success. Even if you're a LeaseHawk pro, you might learn something new here!