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Agent Performance Basics Part 2: TPA Reports and Best Practices

Learn how to listen to your scored calls, pull your LeaseHawk Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) reports and discover best practices.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024
Agent Performance

Welcome to Agent Performance Basics Part 2.

Follow along in this video to learn how to listen to your scored calls, pull your LeaseHawk Telephone Performance Analysis, also known as TPA, reports and discover best practices to earning higher scores on your prospect calls.

Let’s get started by logging into the LeaseHawk Reporting Portal at

Next, click on the TPA tab in the top navigation.

First, let’s review the Scored Calls report. Use this report to discover details on each scored call, including a link to listen and share the call recording and an individualized breakdown of each call score.

To view data for a specific property, click the filter button.

To listen to a scored call, click on the speaker icon.

While listening to your scored call, scroll to the right and click on the notepad icon under the Scorecard column to view how the LeaseHawk analysts scored that call.

You can also view your overall score percentage and email your scored call by clicking on the arrow icon under the Recording column.

Next, click on the Employee Ranking report. Use this report to view the difference in your conversion rate and performance month over month.

For all LeaseHawk reports, you can view as a webpage and download as an Excel spreadsheet and PDF.

Reports only include access to call scores and recordings based on the permission level set for your login. If you need access to reports from a different community, please contact the Training Manager at your company for assistance.  

For best practices and to score your very best on each call, LeaseHawk recommends for you to:

  • Review your scored calls on a weekly basis.
  • Print and laminate a copy of your survey and make sure to have it in front of you while you are on calls.
  • If you have a call challenge or question on how a call was scored, submit it to your training manager as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the end of the month!
  • Continuously improve your call performance by listening to your recordings and reviewing categories where there are opportunities for improvement.
  • Share your success! If you hit it out of the park on a call, you’re encouraged to share the recording with your team.