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LeaseHawk offers options to fit your learning style.

We know you’re busy. That’s why our team of multifamily experts has created a variety of training options to meet your needs and schedules. LeaseHawk’s on-demand resources and custom training will get you started quickly; so, you can get back to what you do best—leasing!

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On-Demand Resources

You have access to a full library of on-demand resources, 24/7. Report overviews, how-to guides and training videos are available at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. Easily discover helpful resources using the library’s filter to narrow-down specific resources according to product and media type.

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Test your knowledge on LeaseHawk products and leasing strategies. By completing quick quizzes, you can prove your savvy skills at navigating LeaseHawk and the leasing world. Choose a quiz on the product of your choice, pass it, then show  off your leasing genius! You may reference the on-demand resources for help and take each quiz as many times as you need.

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Custom Training

Need something more focused? LeaseHawk offers a variety of custom training packages to fit intuitively within your team’s current process. Packages may include in-person training, train-the-trainer workshops and more. Custom trainings are not included with standard LeaseHawk contracts, please contact LeaseHawk to request a pricing quote based on your unique business needs.

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Popular On-Demand Resources

A handful of our most frequently accessed on-demand resources to help you get started.

Agent Performance

Agent Performance Basics Part 2: TPA Reports and Best Practices

Follow along in this training video to learn how to listen to your scored calls, pull your LeaseHawk Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) reports and discover best practices to earning higher scores on your prospect calls.


Setup Instructions: ACE Chatbot URL for Property Listings and Email

ACE, your virtual leasing assistant, can chat with your prospects from nearly any website. Follow this guide to learn how to setup your own ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant chatbot URL for placing on property listings, social media profiles, and email.

How-To Guide

Introduction to the LeaseHawk Admin Center

Watch this video to learn how to setup, update, and customize ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant in the LeaseHawk Admin Center.


Setup Instructions: ACE Chatbot

This guide provides instructions on how to install the ACE chatbot on to your property websites.


Setup Instructions: Website Forms to Guest Cards

Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your website forms, so they will automatically create Guest Cards for you in the LeaseHawk CRM.


CRM Basics Part 3: Answering Communications, Walk-Ins, Tasks and Appointments

Learn how to answer a call, email or text, handle walk-ins and add tasks and appointments in LeaseHawk's straightforward CRM.