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Introduction to the LeaseHawk Admin Center

Watch this video for an overview of how to customize ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant in the LeaseHawk Admin Center.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024

Welcome to LeaseHawk.

This video will give an overview of how to set up and update your ACE information using the LeaseHawk admin screens.

Let’s get started by typing into your browser.

On the sign-in page, use the login information provided to you by LeaseHawk. You’ll land on the home page where you’ll be selecting the property you’re setting up or updating. Simply scroll through the list to find your property or enter the property name into the search bar. Once you’ve selected that, you’ll be filling out questions in each of the five different sections available here.


You’ll start with the General Information screen.

This is where you’ll be choosing your agent voice, the speed of the voice, and you’ll be able to listen to how the male or female voice sounds. Scroll down throughout the whole General tab and confirm that your fields that your fields that are grayed-in are correct. You can edit your business hours, you can add or delete any closed days or holidays and all the additional information that is required here.

Always make sure you save your work in the upper right-hand corner.


The next screen covers pricing and availability.

Always take time to check out the Info Tips located throughout the admin screens.

ACE can provide pricing and availability information via your property management system or other feed. If this integration is set up,simply use the default price disclaimer or create your own. And don’t forget to save your work.


Next, let’s provide information on scheduling tours.

This screen gives ACE all the information needed to schedule tours. Fill out all the fields including appointment hours for each individual day of the week. Indicate here whether or not your office offers virtual tours.


The Leasing Questions screen is where you’ll provide all the information need to enable ACE to answer common leasing questions about your community and apartments. It’s important to fill out every field in the leasing questions screen. You can use the default comments for call, text or chat responses or create a custom response. Clicking the speaker icon allows you to hear your response. If you have to leave the project, save your work and you’ll be able to find where you left off by checking the status filter.

The ACE chatbot is located on your property website. On this screen you’ll be able to stylize it and have a little bit of fun.

Any updates you make to your chatbot on the right-hand sideshow up on the left-hand side so you can follow your work. This is where you can change your colors of your header and your chat bubbles that show up on your website. It’s also where you can change the icon for the pop-up. If you’re just setting up, copy this snippet and provide it to your webmaster. Documentation is in the lower right-hand corner. Once you save and publish your work, these changes will show up within minutes.

Thanks for watching. Check out the LeaseHawk Support and Training website for more information on ACE and your LeaseHawk platform of services.