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ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Appointments & Guest Cards

Learn how ACE notifies you through email or the LeaseHawk CRM.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024


When ACE secures an appointment or guest card, this information will be sent via email from to the email address specified by you in the LeaseHawk Admin Center.

Instructions: Update Email Address for Notifications

  1. Login to the LeaseHawk Admin Center:
  1. Click on the General dashboard (located in the left-hand navigation).
  1. Scroll down to the Email address for appointment notifications section.
  1. Provide the admin email address where you want the appointment notifications to be sent. This usually goes to a property manager.
  1. Next, repeat step 4 for the Email address for guest card notifications section.
  1. Click the orange Save button in the top-right corner, then click Publish.

Important Tips and Reminders

  • Check your junk folder regularly to ensure you don’t miss ACE notifications.
  • Upon receipt of an ACE appointment notification, check your schedule and availability for the desired appointment date and time.
  • Upon receipt of an ACE guest card notification, quickly return the contact’s call to confirm or reschedule an appointment as well as answer any questions they may have. It might be helpful to first review the ACE recorded call for reference from the Call Detail report within LeaseHawk reporting.

ACE Email Notification Examples

Guest Card

Subject: Guest Card from [Prospect First and Last Name] on [Date] at [Time]


Subject: New Appointment from [Prospect First and Last Name] on [Date] at [Time]

ACE Appointments for LeaseHawk CRM Users

If you use both the LeaseHawk CRM and ACE, you will receive the email notifications and, additionally, ACE will automatically enter the appointments within the LeaseHawk CRM.

1. The appointments are added to the community calendar and left for assignment under the question mark symbol. If there is a number in a red bubble over the question mark, you have unassigned appointments.


2. Click on the question mark symbol and assign the appointment to a Leasing Professional.


3. Review the contact’s timeline and recorded ACE phone call for reference.

4. Respond to the caller from within the App (or log the call in the App if an outside line is utilized) to confirm the appointment.

5. Make sure you are frequently checking for unassigned appointments within the App.