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LeaseHawk Best Practices Guide

Don't miss out on these tips and best practices to get the most out of the LeaseHawk Performance Platform and ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant.

Last Update:
June 1, 2021

Call Tracking and Lead Analysis

Obtain a LeaseHawk tracking number for each advertising source you utilize.

  • Provide the tracking number to each advertiser to publish.

  • Utilize a tracking number in flyers, banners and other collateral you create.

  • Have the tracking number target your property landline directly.

  • Provide LeaseHawk with the monthly cost of each ad. This ensures accurate reporting on your marketing costs.

Utilize LeaseHawk Voicemail.

  • Set it to engage one ring prior to your community’s voicemail. This will allow for accurate reporting on missed calls.

  • Set up email notifications for missed calls and voicemails.

  • Explore your included benefits: Interactive Voice Response (IVR); Overflow, Multi-Call and Time-of-Day. Routing; Whisper Greetings and Campaign Detail reporting.

Utilize LeaseHawk Reporting.

  • Schedule reports to receive your data by Excel, HTML or PDF email attachment.

  • Utilize the Dashboard to view the most important information at a glance.

Agent Performance

  • Request employee codes for each person answering leasing calls in the office. Send updates to when there is a change to who is handling leasing calls, due to new hire or terminations.

  • Share the agent performance survey used by your properties with your team. This ensures those who will be scored know how it measures their performance.

  • If your calls are scored by LeaseHawk's analysts, include the results as part of rewards, recognition and compensation programs, along with overall evaluations of employees. If your calls are scored by LeaseHawk's artificial intelligence, use the results to benchmark your team and track performance over time.

The LeaseHawk CRM

  • Request user logins for each individual leasing professional for accuracy in reporting.

  • Log into the CRM when you are working and log out when you are ready to leave for the day.

  • Select the correct relationship status for each contact. As they move to prospect or applicant this will prompt guest card updates and ongoing communication with your integrated Property Management System.

  • Manage appointments/tasks in the CRM so that they appear in the contact’s timeline.

  • When responding to communications, either respond (via call, email, or text) to the initial contact from within the communication or check “no response required”. This will ensure accuracy in reporting follow up metrics and satisfy the Action Required item.

  • Make outbound calls, emails, and texts from the CRM so all (including returning) communications are automatically logged in the CRM.

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant

  • Follow-up with each missed call to confirm conversation, appointment set or FAQs answered.

  • Schedule a daily report filtered to show callers with leasing intent who did not set an appointment so you can follow-up with hot leads quickly.