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Agent Performance Report Descriptions

Keep track of your team’s performance and call scores in LeaseHawk reporting.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024
Agent Performance


Using a survey of best practices, LeaseHawk measures agent performance on actual prospect calls. Each evaluated call receives a score in multiple leasing categories and an overall score, so you can rank results and quickly detect changes.

You can access all of your agent performance data and scores within LeaseHawk reporting under the “TPA” (Telephone Performance Analysis) tab. Use these reports to identify strengths and weaknesses, and grow your team’s sales and customer service skills, as well as your own!

Agent Performance (TPA) Reports

Employee Cumulative and Site Cumulative

Two similar reports that provide the company rank, overall score and category scores for a period of time (for instance, year-to-date) by employee or community. These reports allow you to identify your top performers over time.

Employee Performance and Site Performance

Two similar reports that compare performance from one month to another by overall and category scores. The reports also include the change in performance, allowing for identification of significant changes in employee or community performance.

Employee Ranking and Site Ranking

Two similar reports that compare conversion rates and overall scores from one month to another. The reports also include the change in company rank, appointments set, conversion rate and overall score.

Question Performance

Provides site scores by question, compared to a previous month, to easily identify training opportunities. Changes in percentages are also noted.

Scored Calls

Provides the details of each scored call, including the call recording and individualized scoring breakdown.

TPA Monthly Trend

Offers a breakdown of scored call results by employee (per your determined time frame) detailing each employee’s overall score, raw score and conversion rate for analyzing.

Conversion Report

This graph gives visibility into whether or not an employee converted a qualified phone call by setting an appointment.

TPA Category Trending

This is a line graph showing the percentage trend for each category on a survey over a specified timeframe. Hovering over any portion of the data in this report allows for precise category data that can be compared to the overall statistics.