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Your Conversation Guide for Exceptional Call Performance

Having a productive conversation with prospects is essential to turning a lead into a resident. Follow these key conversation guidelines for exceptional call performance!

Last Update:
February 12, 2021
Agent Performance
How-To Guide


Learning the “art of the call” can be daunting. You need to get important information, push to find out the caller’s true requirements for their next home, and sell your community. If you’re unsure about how to handle a prospect phone call, the following guide shows you how a typical leasing call might unfold and offers tips for mastering it every time.

Conversation Guide

Greeting [Introduction and Lead Information]

Thank you for calling [Name] Apartments, this is [your name] how may I help you?
  • A second before answering the phone, take a pause. Be ready for the call.
  • Smile. You’d be surprised, but your smile resonates in your voice and over the phone.
  • Remember, YOU are the caller’s first impression of your community.

Name & Contact Info [Introduction and Lead Information]

Absolutely, I’m happy to help, may I have your name?
  • Be ready to take down your notes.
  • Consider gaining their contact information as a continuation of asking for their name.
Thank you, and your phone number?... Great, and your email address... perfect!
  • Keep it short and simple and be confident in your request.
  • Always attempt to get contact information so you can send follow-up material or reach out to them if necessary.

Timeframe Needed [Qualifying Questions]

...and when were you hoping to move?
  • After hearing their date or date range - Do you have any flexibility in that time frame?

Advertising Source [Qualifying Questions]

How did you hear about us?
  • If caller says ‘online’ or ‘the internet,’ ask if they remember if it was an ad or the property website.

Reason for Moving [Qualifying Questions]

Why are you deciding to move?
  • This allows for conversation to continue with open ended questions. Dig deeper if necessary, i.e. why aren’t they renewing their lease.

Needs, Wants, Features & Benefits [Amenities and Benefits]

I’d love to discuss what you’re looking for in your next home, and what is truly important to you—does that sound good?
  • This is a way of gaining a commitment early on in the conversation, before asking for an appointment or an application. It is also a great way to build rapport.
  • Once you know what they want/need, tie the benefit of what amenities you offer to fulfill their need.
  • Remember to tie those benefits back to the community AND the apartment unit.
  • If a prospective resident wants a price, include it at this time!

Pets [Qualifying Questions]

Will you be bringing any pets along?
  • It’s important to keep an open dialogue regarding potential additional costs. Discuss the community pet policies if necessary, including breed/weight, deposits and other costs associated.  Also, feel free to elaborate on your property pet benefits like your pet park and walking trails.

Send Additional Information or Refer an Alternative [Close]

May I send you some information regarding the apartment home we discussed today?


I think that [Name Sister Site] would be an incredible fit for you, let me give you their information...
  • If your community won’t work for the caller, you may refer them to a sister community that better fits their needs.

Website [Close]

Have you had the chance to visit our website?... Check us out at (direct to exact web address).

Appointment [Close]

When would you be able to come by to take a tour of the community?
Are you available this afternoon to stop in?
  • Suggest a specific date and time for an appointment. If necessary, open it up to a two-hour window.

Directions [Close]

Are you familiar with the area?
Do you need directions to our community?

Thank You [Close/Overall Impression]

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I look forward to meeting you soon!