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Leasing Team Phone Performance Tips

Increase your agent performance call scores by using these tips and best practices.

Last Update:
February 3, 2021
Agent Performance

Leasing Team Phone Performance

LeaseHawk evaluates agent performance using a survey of best practices to score actual prospect calls—no secret shoppers here! There are two scoring methods that we offer our clients: manual scoring by our expert analysts or scoring powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Expert Analysts: If your calls are scored by our expert (human) analysts, you can expect your performance results to be available as soon as 48 hours. A sample of eligible prospect calls are evaluated per month.

  • AI-Powered: If your calls are being scored using our AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can expect your performance results to be available within minutes. This method  scores every eligible first-time prospect call, not just a sample.

LeaseHawk clients choose which scoring method they prefer according to their business needs. If you’re unsure of which method your property is using, please reach out to your property manager or contact

Regardless of the scoring method, these phone tips will help you to increase your overall score and improve your performance!

Performance Tips

  • Create rapport that allows your prospective renter to feel comfortable with you. Know when to ask for the caller’s contact information. People are privacy conscious – especially if you haven’t made a personal connection with them yet.

  • Continually ask open-ended questions to promote relationship/rapport building.

  • If your caller tells you they are moving from their current location because their lease is up, ask why they don’t want to renew. This could be very valuable information and especially key in continuing to build rapport, as well as tying what is important to them back to what your community offers.

  • Identify your community’s unique selling points. Every one of your competitors have 4 walls and a roof…what is it about your apartment homes that set you apart from everyone else?

  • Create a features and benefits list of your community for quick reference. Write them out so you have a visual cue to remind you of each of your unique features on site.

  • Tell your prospective resident why YOU like the community. Especially when it relates to why they are looking to move; people LOVE to hear first-hand recommendations. You’re painting a picture of their new home, so personalizing this visualization is key.

  • Maybe you’ve heard your residents boast about a certain quality of an amenity or feature of the community—tell your prospective resident all about it!

  • Understand that there may be wonderful qualities about your competitors, and even if you don’t agree, your prospective resident is bringing up what “wowed” them next-door, so acknowledge it! Then, be prepared to talk about why your community is special and unique as well.

  • Put yourself in your caller’s position. They’ve been researching for some time now, they’ve potentially called, emailed and even toured many communities, so they’re looking for “the one” to stand out!