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Call Tracking Report Descriptions

Basic call details, including tracking numbers, graphs and audio files at your fingertips.

Last Update:
March 27, 2020
Call Tracking


Call Tracking provides unique local and toll-free tracking numbers, allowing you the ability to measure and compare effectiveness of each marketing source and ad campaign. Additional features include call recording, voicemail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call routing options.

Report Descriptions

Account Overview
  • Displays advertising details by ad source, tracking number, target number, and ad cost for each ad. Also shows the total amount of calls and leads (unique callers) for each ad source along with their cumulative associated costs. It’s a convenient report to reference for an advertising assessment.
Call Category Trending
  • Shows a graphical depiction of the trend associated with each ad source over a period of time. Categories are organized by internet, mobile, print, TV, radio and other. To customize ad source category designations, reach out to with the details.
Call Detail
  • Lists individual inbound calls including the time and duration of call, the result (connected, busy, no answer, abandoned), and the associated ad source. Also allows for review of the digital recording for each call and the addition of notes. Call ID and caller phone numbers are found in this report.
Call Result Trending
  • Displays a graphical depiction of the trend associated with the number of calls that were either connected, busy, no answer or abandoned. To customize, choose data view to amend column data in the report, then re-run and toggle back to trend view.
Call Volume by Ad Source
  • Provides at-a-glance insight into the performance of your advertising. Hovering over any bar data in this report allows for precise leads versus non-leads data that can be compared to the overall statistics.
Call Volume by Day and Call Volume by Hour
  • Illustrates traffic periods by day of the week or hour of the day. A good resource to help fine-tune staffing arrangements. By switching into and customizing in data view, these reports may be filtered to include only missed calls to expose weaknesses or opportunities in call handling arrangement.
Call Volume by Site
  • Provides a graphical reference point for all call results at each community (with a multi-site permissions view only).
Number and Feature
  • Covers all routing activity (by tracking number) and which calling features are enabled. For more detail and to reveal hidden data, select a drop down arrow, then columns, to add or remove.
Traffic Snapshot
  • Details call data in a comprehensive summary of your advertising performance including calls and leads (unique callers) from each ad source, the average duration of calls from each source, and real-time cost-per-call and cost-per-lead results.