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LeadScore AI Report Descriptions

LeadScore AI utilizes real-time advertising data, giving an extensive look into which ad-sources are bringing in the most prospects.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024
Lead Analysis


Marketing teams build their ad spend budgets using LeadScore AI analytics. LeadScore AI tells you which ad sources bring in true prospects and which properties are in need of more prospect-producing sources.

Report Descriptions

Prospects by LeadScore AI

  • Quickly see all of the prospect calls that have come in through your LeaseHawk tracking numbers. Each call is identified by ad source, the leasing professional who handled the call (if applicable), and the caller number. This report can be grouped by Type Series to show if the prospects are new or repeat and by employee for easy follow up.

Calls by LeadScore AI

  • Provides data for all LeadScore AI calls. May be grouped by caller type (i.e. prospect, non-prospect and undetermined) making it simple to drill-down into the call recording for each type of call. By additionally grouping by ad source, see at-a-glance which ad sources are producing quality leads. Reviewing ‘type series’ can alert you to any red flags with your messaging, IVR or call center calls.

Prospects by Ad Source

  • Displays the count and percentage of prospects, non-prospects and undetermined leads by ad source which can be used to determine the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If a marketing campaign utilizes multiple ad sources, use the ‘Details’ column to indicate the campaign and measure results. Details regarding the cost-per-prospect are available for reference as well.

Prospects by Site

  • Provides the count and percentage of prospects, non-prospects or undetermined leads by ad source at each community, allowing for fine-tuning of marketing and advertising by site. Cost-per-prospect is also provided for further lead quality determination.

Call Volume by LeadScore AI

  • Shows a graphical representation of prospects, non-prospects or undetermined leads per site providing insight into the advertising performance at a glance. Hovering over any bar data in this report allows for precise prospect versus non-prospect versus undetermined data that can be compared to the overall statistics. With multi-site permissions, it will determine best sources for each site by filtering for specific ad sources.