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Lead Analysis Introduction

Discover which ad sources are delivering the most prospects and where to target ad spending with LeadScore AI.

Last Update:
July 31, 2020
Lead Analysis

Identify Prospects with LeadScore AI

LeaseHawk keeps a watchful eye on what your marketing really delivers by reviewing every connected call to determine which calls are Prospect versus Non-Prospect. The Non-Prospect calls such as vendors, hang-ups, resident calls, etc. are categorized in a report so that accurate metrics can be built around cost-per-prospect not cost per call.

How It Works

Step 1

LeaseHawk records all inbound calls.

Step 2

Call recording is transcribed to text.

Step 3

Machine learning models analyze call.

Step 4

Call is scored as prospect or non-prospect.

Step 5

Notifications happen in almost real time.