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CRM Report Descriptions

All data collected through CRM usage can be found in these easy-to-read reports

Last Update:
June 12, 2019


The LeaseHawk Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app provides a means for fast, centralized communication and sales funnel management. Reports allow for ease of finding and sorting relationships, measuring response times, conversions and checking on tours and leases.

Report Descriptions

  • Shows all inbound and outbound communications, allowing the ability to view each separate communication in great detail, including whether or not a response was recorded.
Communications by Day and Communications by Hour
  • Two similar reports that provide a graphical reference for all inbound and outbound communications. Data is categorized by type: email, text, phone and walk-in. To customize, choose data view to change column data in the report, then re-run and toggle back to summary view.
Contact Report
  • Lists all contact information along with the last communication date, relationship status and any added Timeline notes. Allows visibility across all active contacts and can assist in determining whether they need follow-up.
Ad Source Traffic
  • Shows all traffic coming through each ad source utilizing a LeaseHawk tracking number or email address, and includes the communication type (call, email, text).
Leasing Report
  • Allows for visibility to determine contacts who have moved into the resident status within the CRM. This report will also show originating ad source, point person and opportunity creation.
CRM Appointments
  • Shows scheduled appointments. Allows visibility into who assigned the appointments, how many appointments are made and how many contacts showed up for appointments.
Ad Source Closed-Won and Employee Closed-Won
  • Two similar reports that show the conversion rates over a given period of time. Each take into account the selected timeframe and make a calculation based on opportunities that leased and those that were lost (lost is defined as any deactivated prospect or applicant). Data is based on the following calculations:

          Opportunities = Leases + Lost + Open

          Closed-Won Rate = Leases divided by Leases + Lost

Communication Trending
  • Provides a graphical representation of the volume of communications and a trend over a given time period.
Communications Response Times
  • Allows visibility into the time that it takes for a leasing professional to view an initial inbound communication as well as how long it takes them to respond to those communications once viewed.
Sales Funnel
  • Graph View of the full sales funnel with numbers at each stage of the funnel for lead, prospect and applicant.
  • Review tours by site, employee and relationship, including ‘lost’ prospects.