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CRM Quick Start Guide

A few simple tips to get up and running with your CRM

Last Update:
October 27, 2020
How-To Guide

Managing Your Contacts is Easy With Your CRM

The CRM keeps all communications, guest cards, appointments and tasks in one place, making relationship management easy.

Getting Started

1. To login, visit and the CRM will appear as an orange login screen. If you forget your username or password, there are prompts below the login to let you know how to retrieve or reset those.  

2. It's important to bookmark this URL because the CRM is the first thing you need to open each day. You will be working in this system now to communicate and create your guest cards.

3. Select Property.

Best Practices


• Follow up with each missed ACE call to confirm conversation or appointment time.

Change Contact Relationship Type (Lead > Prospect > Applicant > Resident > Vendor > Other)

There are two ways to change contact relationships.

From the contact's Timeline:

  • Click the existing relationship (in blue).
  • Select the relationship you would like to assign.
  • Always update the relationship status as the contact progresses through the leasing stages.

From the Edit Contact page (Guest Card)

  • Click the down arrow next to the relationship status
  • Select the relationship you want to assign
  • Save

Record a Response to an Inbound Communication

• When a communication is received via the CRM, take action from inside the inbound communication for it to register appropriately in the Communication Response Times report and clear the Action Required item.

• Find the unviewed communication on the contact’s Timeline and click on it to view. Choose one of the below options.

(menu located within the communication)

Key Features and Functionality

Name a Contact / Create Guest Card

When a new call, text or email (inbound communication) comes into the CRM App from your advertising sources, this unnamed contact lands in your home screen as a lead and the name defaults to the contact phone number or email address.

• First, click on an unnamed inbound communication and respond.

• Then, click the phone number or email address highlighted in blue at the top of the unnamed contact’s Timeline.

• In the upper right hand corner on the View Contact (Guest Card) screen select Edit.

• In the Edit Contact screen edit the contact’s names as desired.

• Choose correct relationship.

• Add any alternate email addresses and phone numbers to alleviate duplicate contact records from future communications.

• Continue filling out the empty fields to complete Guest Card.

• Click Done, then click Close.

Add a Contact

• Select the menu button from the top right hand corner of the CRM App home screen.

Search Contacts by name, email address or phone to ensure they are not in the CRM.

• Choose Add Contact.

• Fill out the Guest Card. Required fields include first OR last name, ad source and communication type.

• Best Practice: Collect alternate phone/email information so that all communications funnel to the App without a duplicate Lead being created.

• Click Done.

Search Functionality

• Selecting the magnifying glass icon on the home screen OR the Search Contacts option in the menu bar allows for searching a contact by their first name, last name, email address or phone number.

• Utilizing Advanced Search in the menu bar will allow for searching the contact and communication records within all contacts. This allows a search by type of communication within a specified time frame and by keyword. Best Practice: Use standard keywords such as ‘Dog’ or ‘January move-in’ to fully use this search feature.

Guest Card Integration

• Guest Cards automatically push to your integrated PMS instantly when the relationship is changed to Prospect or Applicant.

• To manually push a Guest Card, choose the contact name highlighted in blue. Select edit and then send Guest Card.

Merge Contacts

• From the contact’s Timeline click the menu bar icon.

• Choose Merge Contacts.

(This feature is ONLY available in a contact’s timeline menu bar.)

• Search for the contact you’d like to merge with.

• Select a master contact, then click Done. All contact and communication information will be combined under the master contact.

Inactivate a Contact

• From the contact Timeline click the contact name highlighted in blue.

• Click Edit, then click Active.

• Confirm that you do want to deactivate this contact by clicking YES.

• Choose from the Reason drop down and add notes (these will also show in reporting).

• Click Done.

Disable/ Enable Internet Calling Feature (Desktop/Laptop Version Only)

• From the home screen click the menu bar icon.

• Choose Settings.

• Click Internet Phone Enabled to turn feature on or off.