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How-To Guide: Add Videos to ACE™ Chatbot Responses

Learn how to add embedded videos into your ACE chatbot responses.

Last Update:
March 10, 2022
How-To Guide

Embed Videos in ACE Chatbot Responses

Give your prospects a visually engaging response to their leasing questions by embedding a video into your chatbot responses.


  1. Upload your video to a video hosting website such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  1. Copy the embed code from the source website.

  • If your video is hosted on Vimeo, click on the Share button. Then, copy the Embed code.
  • If your video is hosted on YouTube, click on the Share button and select Embed. Then, Copy the embed code.
  • If it is a self-hosted video, you may use the iframe template below to create your own embed code.
  1. Next, log in to the LeaseHawk Admin Center.
  1. Click on the Leasing Questions or Resident Questions dashboard in the left-hand navigation.
  1. Find the leasing or resident question that you’d like the video to be embedded.
  1. Then, click on the Chatbot tab of that question. If you do not already have a Chatbot tab created, click on the Plus icon to create it.
  1. Click the View as HTML button.
  1. Then, paste the embed code. The embed code should be pasted below your written chatbot response. Make sure the width and height of the video is 300 x 169 pixels or responsive—you may need to make this change in the code after you have pasted, as shown the screenshot below.
  1. Click the View as Text button to preview your chatbot response. Note: It may take up to a few minutes for the embedded video to appear in your preview.
  1. When you are satisfied with the result, click the orange Save button in the top-right corner then click Publish.


Here's an example of the final result when embedding a Vimeo video in your chatbot response: