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Introduction to the LeaseHawk Admin Center

[ACE - Video] Watch this video for a quick tour of how to set up, update and customize your virtual assistant, ACE AI.

LeaseHawk Reporting for Managers

[Reporting - Webinar ] Watch our on-demand training webinar to learn the basic functionality of LeaseHawk's reporting and business intelligence tools, with an emphasis on recommended reports. Learn how reports help you maximize your LeaseHawk data to measure marketing, agent performance, and CRM usage.

Agent Performance: Improving Phone Skills

[Agent Performance - Webinar ] Want to learn more about your scored calls and how to improve your company ranking? This training webinar video takes you through a sample survey and how to schedule a scored calls report.

Custom Training

Learn more about custom training options from LeaseHawk. Custom training offers the flexibility needed to address your unique business needs.

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Basics

[ACE - Webinar ] Watch our on-demand training webinar designed for all leasing professionals, management, and executives. This 20-minute training focuses on how ACE provides conversational assistance via calls, texts, and chats, 24/7 for your prospective renters. We will cover how ACE handles phone routing, and guest card and appointment creation.

Adding Contacts in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Need to add a walk-in or a resident into the CRM? Or someone who called or emailed you directly? Adding a contact guest card is simple with this step-by-step video.

Product Updates: ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant

[ACE - Product Updates] Find the latest updates for ACE, your virtual leasing assistant, and the LeaseHawk Admin Center. Check here frequently for information on new functionality and leasing knowledge learned by ACE that can be used when communicating with your prospects.

Agent Performance Basics Part 2: TPA Reports and Best Practices

[Agent Performance - Video] Follow along in this training video to learn how to listen to your scored calls, pull your LeaseHawk Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) reports and discover best practices to earning higher scores on your prospect calls.

How To Schedule Reports

[Reporting - Video] Learn how to schedule any LeaseHawk report for regular email delivery.

How To Search in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Easily search for contacts using basic information or key words in communications, notes or voicemail transcriptions.