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Implementation Checklist: LeaseHawk CRM

[CRM - Implementation] This checklist is your path to getting started with the LeaseHawk CRM. Use this checklist to keep track of each task assigned to you for a fast, simple and successful implementation process!

Custom Training

Learn more about custom training options from LeaseHawk. Custom training offers the flexibility needed to address your unique business needs.

How To Schedule Reports

[Reporting - Video] Learn how to schedule any LeaseHawk report for regular email delivery.

Adding Contacts in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Need to add a walk-in or a resident into the CRM? Or someone who called or emailed you directly? Adding a contact guest card is simple with this step-by-step video.

Log Tours in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Add tours and unit numbers in the CRM to keep your reporting records up-to-date.

How To Search in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Easily search for contacts using basic information or key words in communications, notes or voicemail transcriptions.

Learn How To Inactivate Contacts in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Learn the simple steps to deactivate former resident contacts or those that are no longer viable prospects.

CRM Basics Part 1: Login, Overview and Homepage

[CRM - Video] Get started with an informative overview of the CRM and it's communication and relationship management features.

How To Log Calls in the CRM

[CRM - Video] A step-by-step guide on how to manually log a call made outside of the CRM.

OneSite Users Only:  Real Time Pricing & Availability

[CRM - Video] RealPage OneSite users can review real-time pricing and availability and generate quotes in the CRM.