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LeaseHawk Reporting for Managers

Watch our on-demand training webinar video designed for managers. This 54-minute training focuses on basic functionality and recommended reports for managing your team.

Last Update:
June 10, 2021

On-Demand Training Webinar

This training webinar video, designed for management, gives an overview of LeaseHawk’s reporting and business intelligence platforms. Learn basic functionality of the LeaseHawk reporting system and how to customize the reports to meet your needs. Recommended reports are covered that will help you manage your teams’ productivity.

The following features are covered:

  • The Dashboard
  • Tracking numbers
  • Prospect, non-prospect calls and hang up metrics
  • Marketing performance by ad source
  • Agent performance
  • Property rankings
  • Leasing agent rankings
  • CRM usage
  • CRM relationship management
  • ACE virtual leasing assistant reports
  • Customizing and scheduling reports
  • HawkEye business intelligence overview