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HawkEye Business Intelligence

See your portfolio data from a new perspective with this easy-to-understand dashboard

Last Update:
January 9, 2024
Business Intelligence

The HawkEye Dashboard

A quick look at marketing effectiveness and employee performance.

View the six primary dashboard reports for an overview of your portfolio and to spot positive trends or red-flag issues. If you hover over the navy title bar, you'll find the "i" which defines the report you are viewing.To dive in by site or even employee, simply click the report name and drill down or use the handy side-bar menu.

Dashboard Report Descriptions

Ad Source Effectiveness

View your top-producing ad sources by call, prospect and, if you subscribe to LeaseTrace, by lease. Hover over the ad source name in the pie chart for counts and percentages. Click on the title bar to break down the data by ad source or site.

Caller Behavior

Using LeaseHawk artificial intelligence technology, LeadScore AI, see your portfolio missed call percentage, total inbound calls and prospect calls. Color-coding tells you at a glance whether you are trending up (green) or down (red) so you can quickly make any needed changes. Clicking on the title bar takes you into a more detailed analysis of caller behavior. Click on the pie chart to get more detailed information on the prospect, non-prospect and undetermined callers. The bottom of this report shows missed calls and percentage missed by property.

Employee Call Performance

If your company is measuring the performance of your leasing professionals, this dashboard report will quickly tell you conversion rates, the number of appointments made for your portfolio and agent performance scores compared to the industry average. Click on the title bar to dive down by site or employee.

Communication Performance - Action Required

CRM clients use this report to track incoming communications needing a response by sales funnel relationship: lead, prospect, applicant, resident, vendor, and other. Clicking on one of the specified time frames will remove that data from the graph. Hover over the graph bars to see the specific numbers being illustrated. If the numbers are high, simply click on the title bar to identify unresponded to communications by site or employee.

Communication Performance - Response Time

Track your teams' response time by type of communication: missed call, text, email, or all. This report will show trends and can be simplified by clicking on response type to remove or add the communication type. Click on the title bar to expand and compare the trend lines by week, month or quarter. This view will also allow you to view response time by site and employee, with notable variances highlighted.

Communication Performance - Volume

This easy to read report shows inbound vs. outbound communications and allows you to decide if your team is utilizing the communication tools. It also notates preferred modes of communication. Click on the title bar to view communication direction by sales funnel relationship, site and employee.