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Learn How To Respond To Communications in the CRM

Responding to communications via phone, email and text

Last Update:
February 26, 2020

Managing your communications

While managing your relationships in the LeaseHawk app, you’ll frequently be alerted as unviewed communications filter in.

Once you've selected a contact with an unviewed communication you'll be brought to their timeline. In order for the metrics of viewing the communication and responding to the communication to reflect as completed in our LeaseHawk reporting platform, you must not only view, but then respond from within that viewed communication. As you can see you do have communication options on the bottom of the timeline but again, you must take action from within the incoming communication to record a response.

No Response Required

Now that we're viewing the inbound communication, you'll see our options to communicate with the contact and effectively respond and record a response. Of the four options below let's begin with the check mark box. This gives us the choice to mark no response required to this communication. You can utilize this option to effectively record the follow up metric when no actual follow up is needed. For example, if you received several inbound communications from one contact and are sending a single reply, this would be used to show the other communications no longer need follow up directly. Now since we chose to mark that communication as no response required you'll notice that the option is no longer available to us.

Log a Call

Next up let's take a look at a different way of handling this communication response by logging a call. Here you can type in as much detail as you'd like regarding the call and then click done to complete.


Next up we’ll see what texting a response looks like. By simply typing in the new message portion of the screen and clicking send you'll be able to communicate with the convenience of text.


Lastly by choosing the envelope icon, you will be taken to your email template list where you can either choose one of those or draft your own email message. You can customize your templates further in this screen and then click done, then send. Since we've now viewed and effectively recorded a response to our inbound communication, let's go back and take a look at how all of those steps recorded in our timeline. From our missed call we can see the check mark that denotes the no response required; we also see our logged call, our text message, and our email.  

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