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Managing Contact Relationships in the CRM

Identifying and documenting the contact relationship status as they move through the leasing process.

Last Update:
February 26, 2020

Managing Contact Relationships in the CRM

Your knowledge and documentation of where the contact is in the leasing process is critical to accumulating sales funnel data.

Learn how and where to document the relationship status

A Lead is an unidentified contact. In this video, you will learn to identify and document the relationship of a contact as they move from a Lead to Prospect to Applicant to Resident.

Glancing at our home page I can see we have two leads in our Lead relationship bucket.  As a LeaseHawk best practice, we recommend continually monitoring your leads throughout the day as new one’s filter in. From the lead screen, we see both leads referenced before.  I want to use this unnamed contact as an example.  Now that we’re on the contact’s timeline we can edit the information in their guest card to reflect their proper name, then click done, then close. To move this contact to the next relationship in the leasing process, click the link next to relationship,choose prospect and click done.  You’ll notice the date and time stamp effectively recording that change. Now back in our Lead bucket you’ll notice we’ve only got one. And likewise, on our home screen that reflects just one lead, we know our contact was successfully moved along in the leasing process.


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