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CRM Web-App Instructions & FAQ Guide

[CRM - How-To Guide] There’s a new way to access the LeaseHawk CRM! Access the LeaseHawk CRM by using our new web-app at Read this helpful guide to learn more about how to access the web-app.

CRM Web App Quiz

Take this short quiz as often as needed to achieve your perfect score.

CRM iOS Download Instructions

[CRM - Article] The basic version of your CRM app is available for your mobile phone or tablet through the app store. Search here for simple instructions for the IOS download.

Setup Instructions: Knock CRM Guest Card and Tour Integration

[ACE - Implementation] Use this setup guide to integrate ACE Virtual Leasing Assistant with Knock CRM guest cards and tours. When ACE is integrated with Knock, information collected by ACE will automatically appear in your Knock CRM guest cards and tours.

CRM Basics

[CRM - How-To Guide] Follow these simple daily guidelines to use the CRM like a pro.

Setup Instructions: ACE Chatbot

[ACE - Implementation] This guide provides instructions on how to install the ACE chatbot on to your property websites.

Setup Instructions: Adkast Integration

[ACE - Implementation] This guide provides instructions on how to integrate ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant with Adkast. Integration allows ACE to provide pricing and availability. Learn about version requirements, what LeaseHawk will need from you, and all the standard integration components.

Setup Instructions: Website Forms to Guest Cards

[CRM - Implementation] Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your website forms, so they will automatically create Guest Cards for you in the LeaseHawk CRM.

CRM Basics Part 2: Missed Communications, Guest Cards and Relationships

[CRM - Video] Part two of a three-part series teaches users how to use the CRM web-app to manage missed inbound communications, guest cards and relationship changes.

Setup Instructions: Custom Email Templates

[CRM - Implementation] LeaseHawk can create custom email templates within the CRM that can be used to quickly communicate with your clients. Follow these instructions to get started on your custom templates.