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Setup Instructions: Adkast Integration

Use this guide to integrate ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant with Adkast for pricing and availability.

Last Update:
December 20, 2021

About the Integration

The ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant and Adkast integration encompasses the ability for ACE to get the latest unit availability and pricing for your property.

Version Requirements

There are no version requirements for Adkast.

What LeaseHawk Will Need From You

You will need to take the following action and/or provide the following information to LeaseHawk in order to properly configure the Adkast integration. If you need assistance obtaining this information, you may request it from your CSM or Technical Support.

  1. Property ID.  The unique Adkast ID for each site to be configured. The ID is generally a 8-10 character code that is unique for each site.

Adkast Integration Overview: How it works

ACE will provide your unit availability and pricing to Leads based on the availability and pricing configured in your Adkast instance.  ACE currently updates its pricing and availability from Adkast approximately every 8 hours but may update more frequently.