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Setup Instructions: Website Forms to Guest Cards

Follow these simple instructions to set up your website forms.

Last Update:
January 9, 2024


Your properties receive a lot of internet leads! It would be a huge effort to manually enter every internet lead as a Guest Card into the LeaseHawk CRM. Luckily, the LeaseHawk CRM has the ability to automatically create Guest Cards for you by using the information submitted by your leads via website forms.

How It Works

The LeaseHawk CRM uses email parsing to extract a lead’s name, contact and other pertinent details from an email generated by website forms. It then uses that information to automatically create a Guest Card. Simply replace your current property email address that is linked to the web-form with the LeaseHawk provided tracking email address. Here’s the step-by-step process of how it works:

  1. Lead fills out and submits a contact form on your website.
  1. The form generates an email with the submitted information.
  1. The email is sent to a LeaseHawk tracking email address.
  1. The LeaseHawk CRM extracts the lead’s name, contact and other details from the email.
  1. The LeaseHawk CRM creates a Guest Card using the extracted information.

Setup Instructions

Ad Source Name and Tracking Email Address Requirements

  • You must notify LeaseHawk if you change your ad source name in your PMS (Property Management System).  
  • By changing ad source names, you risk the possibility of guest cards not being created in the LeaseHawk CRM.
  • ILSs (Internet Listing Sources) that use an API, such as and Zillow, do not require a unique LeaseHawk tracking email address.  
  • If you would like to track the source of each email, then you will need to use separate LeaseHawk tracking email addresses for each source.

Email Body Requirements

  • Emails must be sent in HTML.  
  • Your email’s web form content must match the exact field names as shown below in the ‘Standard Email Fields and Format’ instructions section, including the use of a colon ( : ) between the field name and the field value.
  • Fields marked as required cannot be blank. Emails with missing required fields cannot reliably generate guest cards in the LeaseHawk CRM.  
  • Emails may contain content that is additional to the website contact form fields.  For the CRM to parse the correct fields, the first value above the website contact form fields must be: Guest Card Field Submission: (as shown in the email example below).

Standard Email Fields and Format

The table below shows a list of LeaseHawk CRM fields and the related email fields from which they are populated. If an email field matches one of those listed, it will be parsed into the corresponding CRM field.  In the event the email contains multiple, similar fields, such as Name and First Name, the last one listed in the email will show in the CRM guest card.

REMINDER! The very first field must be Guest Card Field Submission: as the parser will look for this field to know when to start parsing the email.

CRM Field Condition Value Email Field
First Field Required Text Guest Card Field Submission:
Name Required Text Name
First Name
Last Name
Full Name
Resident Name
Email Address Required Text Email
Email Address
Your Email Address
Floor Plan Optional Text Floor Plan
Floorplan Name
Beds Optional Number Bedrooms
Desired Bedrooms
Baths Optional Number or Decimal Desired Bathrooms
Apt. Number Optional Text Unit Number
Expected Move-In Date Optional Date as MM/DD/YYYY Desired Move-in Date
Move Date
Move In Date
Move-In Date
Expected Move-in Date
Desired Move In
Target Move-In Date
Lease Term (Months) Optional Number Lease Term in Months
Lease Term
Lease Terms
Desired Lease Term
Floor Level Optional Number Floor Level
Price Range Min Optional Number Price Range Min
Price Range Max Optional Number Price Range Max
Pets Optional Text Pets
Pet Notes
Pet Types
Has Pets Optional [yes, no] Has Pets
Reason for Relocation Optional Text Reason for Relocation
Opportunity Notes Optional Text Comments
Additional Info
Number of Occupants Optional Number Number of Occupants
Phone Required Text as (999)999-9999 Phone Numbers