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CRM Web-App Instructions & FAQ Guide

There's a new way to access the LeaseHawk CRM. Follow this guide to learn how you can login.

Last Update:
June 10, 2020
How-To Guide

Today, users access the LeaseHawk CRM by downloading an app from the Google Chrome Store. Recently, Google announced that they will “sunset” the Google Chrome Store. That means LeaseHawk CRM users will need to slightly change how they log in to our app. Our new, alternative web-app for the LeaseHawk CRM is very easy to use.

Read the instructions and FAQs below to get started.

Desktop Login Instructions

  1. Keep your current CRM app active but log out. Do not uninstall the app!
  1. Open your browser and type in:
  1. Bookmark the link
  1. Select “Allow” when the following notifications appear:
  • “ wants to Store files on this device”
  • “ wants to access your microphone”
  • “ wants to send you notifications”
  1. Log in daily and work as usual within the new CRM web-app
  1. Log out of the CRM web-app at the end of each day
  1. Notify LeaseHawk if you find any issues:


Q: Can I use the new CRM web-app on my mobile device?

A:  The web-app is not available for mobile devices. Please continue to use the LeaseHawk CRM app available in the App Store and Google Play App Store for mobile devices, click here for instructions.

Q: When I should I start using the CRM web-app?

A:  You can start using the new CRM web-app now!

Q: Should I delete or uninstall my existing CRM app?

A:  If you have downloaded the LeaseHawk CRM from the Google Chrome Store, do not delete it or uninstall. For now, simply logout of the app and begin using the CRM web-app using the desktop login instructions listed at the beginning of this guide.

Q: How do I change the size of the CRM on my screen?

A: Simply scale the size of the browser window that is showing the CRM. Click and drag down the tab showing the CRM to separate it, then click the sizing icon in the upper right corner of the browser screen to minimize the CRM to your desired size.