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ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Basics

Watch our on-demand training webinar to learn how ACE provides conversational assistance for your prospective renters.

Last Update:
June 10, 2021

On-Demand Training Webinar

This training webinar is a general introduction and overview of ACE, the virtual leasing assistant. Learn how ACE provides conversational assistance via calls, texts, and chats, 24/7 for your prospective renters. It covers how ACE handles phone routing, and guest card and appointment creation. This course is recommended for all leasing professionals, management and executives.

The following features are covered:

  • How ACE will support your leasing team.
  • How you are notified when appointments and guest cards are created by ACE.
  • What the call, text, and chat experience is like with ACE.
  • Reporting options.