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Product Updates: ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant

Check out what's new with ACE, your virtual leasing assistant, and the LeaseHawk Admin Center.

Last Update:
August 12, 2022
Product Updates

RELEASE DATE: 8/10/2022

Chat Pop-Ups Enhancement

You can now choose additional configuration options for your chat pop-ups. This enhancement includes the ability for the pop-up to automatically expand, to change the trigger button text, and to customize the header and text colors. Read this How-To Guide: ACE Chatbot Pop-Ups for instructions and best practices.

RELEASE DATE: 7/28/2022

Exclude Chatbot on Specific Pages

If you don't want your ACE chatbot to appear on specific pages of your property website, then this update is for you! To exclude the chatbot on a page, you will need to replace your ACE code snippet with a new script on your website. For full instructions and the code snippet, please read Setup Instructions: ACE Chatbot (scroll to the section, "Additional Options").

RELEASE DATE: 7/22/2022

Chatbot Marketing Analytics

ACE now captures enhanced marketing analytics including Unique Impressions, Impressions, Opens, Engagements, and Device Info for chatbot sessions. This data is available by contacting your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or

RELEASE DATE: 7/20/2022

Opt-In Confirmation on Chatbot Guest Card Widget

You now have the option to include opt-in language and a confirmation button on the ACE chatbot guest card widget. The opt-in language is fully customizable to fit your business needs. If you would like to activate this feature, please contact your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or

Description Pricing & Availability Responses

When providing pricing and availability, ACE can now also provide a descriptive response about the requested room type. For example, if a prospect requests pricing and availability for a one-bedroom, ACE will first provide a descriptive and customizable response about one-bedroom units before providing the pricing and availability. If you would like to activate this feature, please contact your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2022

New Feature: Chat Pop-Ups

This feature allows you to add a pop-up with an embedded URL to any ACE chatbot response. This can be used in many use-cases to provide your prospects with embedded experiences within the chatbot window, such as embedded photo galleries, virtual tours, and more.

Read this How-To Guide: ACE Chatbot Pop-Ups for instructions and best practices.

RELEASE DATE: 6/15/2022

New Dashboard: Work Orders

Control how ACE collects work orders from the new Work Orders dashboard in the LeaseHawk Admin Center.

To turn on the dashboard, please send a request to your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or email

Work Order Redirect

Reduce calls going to your call center! ACE's new work order redirect enhancement encourages self-service for residents to utilize your existing online portal.

When activated, residents chatting or texting with ACE will be sent a customizable prompt with a link to your online portal. On calls, ACE will offer to text a link to your online portal.

To learn more about ACE’s work order abilities and how to activate them for your properties, check out the ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Resident Work Orders training article.

RELEASE DATE: 6/6/2022

Customizing ACE's responses is now even easier. We've updated the names of some leasing questions so they are more clear and easy to find in the LeaseHawk Admin Center.

Number of Roomates is now Occupancy Guidelines / Number of Roommates.

Package Receiving is now Mail and Package Access.

RELEASE DATE: 5/3/2022

ACE now tracks ad sources for the Text communication channel. In your ACE AI report, check out the "Ad Source" column to track your sources and optimize your marketing budget.

Text Ad Source Tracking - Reporting

Some renters need to move ASAP! ACE now has a custom response for prospects whose move-in date is as soon as possible. The custom response is reflective of the prospect's urgency and gives ACE a personable tone.

ACE Response for ASAP Move-In Dates

RELEASE DATE: 4/20/2022

ACE now provides a directory for work orders via chat. This enhancement helps ACE to learn more about your residents' needs and gather data to drive future enhancements for ACE's work order abilities.

When any of the work order options (Create New, Status, Update, or Cancel) are selected on the directory, ACE will provide the user with your property's maintenance phone number.

ACE work order directory

ACE now has the ability to mark users as residents when certain conversation conditions are met:

  • The user requested a work order and confirmed their action.
  • The user requested more resident questions than leasing questions.
  • In your ACE AI report, look in the Contact Type column to quickly see if it was a conversation with a Resident, Prospect, or Undetermined.

    Resident Contact Type - Reporting

    RELEASE DATE: 4/15/2022

    ACE now captures the URL when a chatbot session initiates. This gives you visibility to whether the chatbot conversation occurred on your property website, an ILS website, or any other location you may be using an ACE chat link.

    This data is available by contacting your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or

    Does your community have sister properties nearby? ACE can now conversationally provide referrals to those properties. This elevates the prospect experience by offering them more options when searching for their next home or simply an alternative for when your community is at full occupancy.

    Read How-To Guide: Add ACE Referrals to Sister Properties to activate this skill for your ACE Chat and/or Text channels.

    ACE - Refer Sister Communities

    RELEASE DATE: 4/19/2022

    There's a new action available in the ACE Rules dashboard! Use the "Offer to Text Details" action to text users links to your application, waitlist, resident portal, property website, and more. This action provides more flexibility in providing callers with detailed information and, for the chatbot, a greater opportunity for collecting guest cards.

    For example, if a prospect asks for "specials," ACE can say, "Our specials are changing all the time. Would you like me to text you the link to our latest offers?"

    Read the How-To Guide: Create and Add ACE Rules for setup instructions.

    Offer to Text Details - ACE Rule

    RELEASE DATE: 2/23/2022

    Did you know the ACE chatbot can be placed anywhere on your website—not just the right corner? If you have chosen to place it on the left side, reach out to your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or for a snippet of custom CSS code. This will ensure your chatbot welcome message is positioned in just the right spot.

    Left-positioned chatbot styling

    RELEASE DATE: 2/11/2022

    ACE will now rotate through suggested tour times for sites with calendar integrations. This makes ACE more conversational and will decrease the likelihood of providing a suggestion that the prospect has already turned down.

    Rotating tour time suggestions

    The default speed for ACE's voice has been slightly decreased from 115% to 100%—this makes ACE sound friendlier and more human-like. If your property has a custom speed selected, that value has been retained and did not change.

    ACE voice speed

    Quickly copy your tour options from one site to another! You can now clone your customized tour options, including allowed tour types, confirmation responses, and more, to one or multiple sites. Visit the Tour Options Dashboard in the LeaseHawk Admin Center, click on the top-right ellipsis and choose "Clone Site Data" then select the fields you'd like to clone.

    Clone tour options

    RELEASE DATE: 1/27/2022

    ACE's new chatbot guest card widget makes collecting prospect information faster and easier. Prospects can now simply provide all their information at once from the built-in widget. The widget fields are dynamic based on your property's settings and will pre-populate any fields with information ACE may have already captured.

    Chatbot guest card widget

    RELEASE DATE: 1/7/2022

    When adding a new channel to an ACE response, the LeaseHawk Admin Center will now automatically copy over the existing response as a starting template for a new channel.

    Auto Copy Responses