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How-To Guide: ACE Quick Requests

Follow the instructions below to learn how to add ACE Quick Requests.

Last Update:
February 13, 2023
How-To Guide

What are ACE Quick Requests?

ACE Quick Requests give you the ability to pass a script to the ACE chatbot from a URL. When the chatbot loads and a script is provided in the URL, the chatbot will automatically open and run through the script.

Use it to direct your renters to a specific starting point in ACE (i.e. scheduling a tour, work orders, etc.). This is especially helpful if you don’t have a dedicated tour form on your property website, you can use an ACE Quick Request link on your property website, listings, emails, etc.

Setup Instructions

Follow the steps below to add an ACE Quick Request:

  1. Choose the website that you’d like to use – this can be your property website,, or any other site.
  1. Add a ACE Quick Request script to the end of the website URL
  • To load a resident or leasing question use: ?chatscript=
  • To load tour preferences use: ?tourtime=x&tourdate=x/x/xx&tourtype=x
  1. Next, add the flow details script. Be sure to type in the details separated by commas, for example: pricing, two bedroom, next month

Tip: The URL will automatically change the spaces between words into %20, as seen in the examples below.

ACE Quick Request Script Templates:

  • This script tells ACE to provide pricing and availability for a two-bedroom next month:,%20two%20bedroom,%20next%20month  
  • This script tells ACE to take you directly to the Tour scheduling flow:
  • This script tells ACE to take you directly to the Work Order flow:
  • This script tells ACE that your tour is already scheduled for a specific time, date, and type (e.g. virtual, in-person, etc.):