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How-To Guide: ACE Chat Pop-Ups

Follow the instructions below to learn how to setup your own ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant chat pop-ups.

Last Update:
August 10, 2022
How-To Guide


ACE chat pop-ups allow you to add a pop-up with an embedded URL to any ACE chatbot response. This can be used in many use-cases to provide your prospects and renters with embedded experiences within the chatbot window. This includes embedded photo galleries, virtual tours, additional information, support for third-party apps, and more.

Instructions: ACE Chatbot Pop-Ups

  1. Login to the LeaseHawk Admin Center.
  1. Select a Leasing or Resident question for your pop-up.
  1. Click on the "+" icon and select Add Modal (chatbot).

  1. Under Embedded URL, enter the URL of the website you want to embed in the pop-up. Important: The website you select must support iFrames.

  1. Under Auto Popup, click the toggle to the on position if you'd like the pop-up to automatically expand. When the toggle is turned off, users must click on the Trigger Button to expand the pop-up.

  1. Optional: Under Header Text, type the text you'd like to appear in the Header, located at the top of the pop-up. Additionally, choose the Header Background Color and Header Text Color.

  1. Optional: Under Trigger Button Text, type the text you'd like to appear in the button. By customizing this text, it makes it more clear on what your users are opening; however, by default, "Open" can be used for this text.

  1. Click the orange Save button in the top right-hand corner. Then click Publish.

  1. After publishing, the Trigger Action Button will appear below ACE's response. The user must click on the button to expand the pop-up. If Auto Popup was selected, the pop-up will automatically expand.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • The website you select for your pop-up must support iFrames.
  • You can use this tool ( to check if a URL supports iFrames.
  • Always test your ACE chat pop-up after publishing to ensure it displays the correct experience for your prospects and renters.
  • If the website does not support iFrames, your pop-up will not load properly and will look like the example below:

Best Practices

After you have successfully added a pop-up, the Trigger Action Button will be automatically inserted below ACE’s response. For the best user experience, we suggest adding a call-to-action in your ACE response to encourage users to click the button.

For example, the ACE response shown below includes the call-to-action, “Click the button below to start…” and/or customizing the Trigger Action Button text that describes what the user will see when clicked, such as, "Take Virtual Tour"


  • Embed your rental application form for ACE's Application leasing question.
  • Embed virtual tours on the Floor Plan leasing question or Virtual Tour fulfillment.
  • Embed Google maps on applicable leasing questions (Tip: filter by the "Things Nearby" tag in the LeaseHawk Admin Center).
  • Embed photo or video galleries on applicable leasing questions, such as the Property Photos leasing question.
  • Embed your amenity scheduler on applicable leasing questions, such as the Club House leasing question.