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ACE AI-Generated Smart Responses

Learn how ACE uses generative AI to answer renters.

Last Update:
May 10, 2024

Using the latest in cutting-edge generative AI, ACE can answer renters with uniquely tailored smart responses. This guide will cover how ACE's smart responses work, how to activate for your site(s), and a timeline of this feature's rollout.

How It Works

Tailored Responses

Instead of giving static responses, ACE can answer more nuanced questions with tailored responses leveraging all related information. For example, if a renter asks specifically about pet fees, ACE will only respond with what the renters needs to know about pet fees and not the entire pet policy.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Make It Work Your Way

You can tailor the smart response command to give it additional rules on how to respond for individual leasing questions.

Expanded Knowledge

ACE pulls in related responses and property variables in addition to the original response when constructing the tailored smart response.

Smart Triggering

To avoid unnecessary triggering of this feature, ACE will only answer with a smart response when a subtopic is requested, such as "pet fees". It will not trigger for generic requests like "Pet Policy".

How To Activate Smart Responses

You can enable and disable smart responses on specific leasing questions.

  1. Log into the LeaseHawk Admin Center.
  1. Click on the Leasing Questions dashboard from the left-hand navigation menu.
  1. Navigate to the "Pet Policy" leasing question then select channel options by clicking the "+" icon.
  1. Choose the "Enable Smart Responses" option.
  1. Click "Save" in the top-right corner then "Publish".
  1. Smart responses for this question is now enabled.

Rollout Timeline

Currently, smart responses are available exclusively for pet policy, parking, and rental qualifications, with plans to expand to other leasing questions in the future.