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How-To Guide: Add Google Maps to ACE™ Chatbot Responses

Learn how to add embedded Google Maps into your ACE chatbot responses.

Last Update:
June 14, 2023
How-To Guide

Embed Google Maps in ACE Chatbot Responses

Give your prospects a visually engaging response to their leasing questions by embedding a Google Map into your "Things Nearby" chatbot responses.


Step 1 - Identify the Leasing Question

Identify the Leasing Question (LQ) that you'd like to add a Google Map. You can filter by the "Things Nearby" tag.

Step 2 - Create Your Google Map

Go to the Google Maps Platform and create your map.

  • Scroll down to the "Generating an iframe" section.

  • Select "Show the results of a search" and enter the search query for the desired map type, such as "Restaurants near {property address}" or "Airports near {property address}"
  • Verify that the map is correct, then click "Looks good!".

  • Next, input your Google Maps API key and click "Done". If you don't have an API key, you can use the LeaseHawk API Key: AIzaSyBROZ2UyiNf37fkxD7nLoDZnPXzdMm5idI

  • Locate the Google Map URL in the code snippet, then copy (CTRL+C) the URL.

Step 3 - Add Your Map to ACE

Go to the Leasing Question where you want to add the Google Map.

  • Click the "+" tab and add the "Chatbot Popup" channel.

  • Paste the Google Maps URL and configure any other desired Chatbot Popup values.
  • Click "Save".