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Yardi Users Only: How To Push Walk-In Tours

Ensure your walk-in tour records properly in Yardi

Last Update:
June 12, 2019
How-To Guide


Yardi does not provide an ID for a Walk-In tour if that is the initial guest card push from the CRM, so tour information will not show. To avoid this issue, please follow the best practice guidelines outlined below.

Best Practice Guidelines

  1. Search for your Walk-In contact’s phone number and email address. If you find them in the system, simply add the “Walk-In” from the CRM Timeline orange menu bar and complete the tour information if applicable.

  1. If the phone number or email address is not found in the CRM:
  • Select “Add Contact” from the menu and indicate “Walk In” as the Com Type.

  • Complete guest card. To ensure the guest card is pushed, change relation to "Prospect" then click "Done".
  • Choose "No" when asked, "Did a Tour Occur?" then click "Save".

  • On the contact’s Timeline, verify that the guest card icon shows. This confirms that the initial guest card has pushed to Yardi.

  • Add the “Walk-In” and complete tour information if applicable.