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TPA Mentoring and Coaching

Identify areas for improvement within your leasing team by taking advantage of LeaseHawk's Telephone Performance Analysis.

Last Update:
February 26, 2020
Agent Performance
How-To Guide


Building a strong team starts with identifying strengths and weaknesses. Utilize the TPA data and trends to work with your individual employees during one-on-ones or with the agents collectively to grow as a team. Monitoring performance with the following TPA tips will get you started.

Performance Tips

  • Print out the score card and have it readily available for every leasing professional in the office.

  • Encourage each member of the leasing team to analyze their own performance by listening to their calls each week.

  • Review the Scored Calls report. Clicking on the speaker icon, within that report, allows you to listen to the call while reviewing the corresponding questionnaire, which also provides a breakdown of the scoring.

  • Review the Employee Performance report. Document the current overall and category scores, then compare changes since your last meeting.

  • Meet together as a team or in a coaching environment on a weekly basis to gauge successes and keep the focus on the right areas.

  • Discuss what the team has learned from the calls they analyzed. It’s important to understand what elements should be touched upon during the call, how scoring works and how points are awarded.

  • Encourage your team to discuss calls with each other. Have them share their successes and also areas that need improvement. Collaboration and open dialogue will improve the skill set and confidence level of the team.

  • Set goals for the overall score or for the various categories and provide resources for continued growth. This can include recommending online training, talking with peers or listening to call examples of the highest scored survey.

  • Inquire within your organization to see if awards, rewards or recognition are a part of the Telephone Performance Analysis service. If appropriate, create a recognition program or friendly competition within your team to focus efforts on improved communication and higher scores.