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Setup Instructions: Yardi RENTCafé Calendar Integration

Use this setup guide to integrate ACE Virtual Leasing Assistant with your Yardi RENTCafé Calendar.

Last Update:
January 6, 2021

Version Requirements

There are no version requirements for Yardi RENTCafé.

What LeaseHawk Will Need from You

  1. Yardi Marketing API
  1. Company Code
  1. Property Code (hint: your Property Code starts with a "p")
  2. Tour time interval - Indicate if 30 minute or 1 hour blocked intervals

Where to Find This Information

If you need assistance obtaining this information, please login to Yardi Client Central or call 800-866-1124 ext. 1 to reach technical support.

How It Works: RENTCafé Integration

Once a Prospect is identified and contact information collected,

  • ACE sends an email to the property email address with guest card information.

Once a Prospect has scheduled a tour,

  • ACE sends an email to the property email address with appointment information.

Once a Prospect has completed an ACE conversation,

  • ACE sends the guest card information to Yardi Voyager.  If configured properly within your Yardi instance for the Agent Name, the guest card will automatically appear in the Unreviewed Queue within RENTCafé.
  • If a tour was scheduled, ACE sends the appointment information to RENTCafé.
  • Voyager & RENTCafé will link the guest card and appointment together or may notify the agent to link them together during the leasing process if they are not merged automatically.

Additional Information

  1. If a move-in date is not provided, current date will be shown.
  1. Touchpoint will be set as “appointment.”
  1. The conversation transcription is provided with the guest card.

Optional Integration Configuration

No optional configurations available.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact or your LeaseHawk Implementation Manager with the information in the "What LeaseHawk Will Need from You" section above. Our team is ready to help you get integrated!