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PMS Integration Guide: ACE Pricing and Availability

This guide provides instructions on how to integrate ACE, your virtual leasing assistant, with your Property Management System (PMS).

Last Update:
April 1, 2021

Please follow the instructions below to allow ACE access to pricing and availability data from your PMS (Property Management System).

For Clients Using Vaultware

Go to the ILS Selection screen within VaultWare for each applicable property, click “Edit”, make sure the “LeaseHawk” checkbox is selected and click “Save”.

Do not activate both the VaultWare feed and a direct property management system feed (i.e. Yardi).  Vault-Ware is the preferred feed.

If you have already provided LeaseHawk with access to your property management system as part of your LeaseHawk CRM App service, LeaseHawk should have the necessary access for ACE already.

For Clients Using Yardi Voyager

The following are the recommended version and plug-in requirements for utilizing the Yardi standard ILS Guest Card interface:

  • Voyager 6.0.08.xx -  Interfaces Plug-in v17.3 with ILS Guest Card Plug-in v3 or higher
  • Voyager 7S - Interfaces Plug- in v2.3 with ILS Guest Card Plug- in v3.2 or higher
    ILS Guest Card Plug- in v5 is recommended*

If for some reason you can’t upgrade to the recommended version, the Yardi Interface team could review your current situation to see if basic functionality is possible. However, the recommendations are made as a result of known issues and fixes that have been addressed. The current version and plug-in interface being used can be found within Yardi Voyager under Administration > About. From this screen, you can see the current version and all installed plug-ins.

*If you are currently utilizing an ILS Guest Card Plug-in version that is older than v5, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version so that it automatically includes LeaseHawk in the list of certified vendors. Otherwise, an add-on package is required to load LeaseHawk into the list of available, certified ILS Guest Card vendors for selection. To obtain this add- ‐on package rather than upgrading, contact Yardi Technical Support at (800) 866-1124. Loading the add‐on package will take less than 5 minutes and will not impact any other aspects of Voyager. Yardi Technical Support can assist as needed.

Yardi’s standard interfaces have not been qualified for use with the Yardi Military product.

You will need to provide LeaseHawk with the following information to allow us to access your Yardi system. If you need assistance obtaining this information, you may request it from Yardi Technical Support:

  • Web services URL: (this should be the MITS 4.0 version of the URL)
  • Interface user:
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • Database:
  • Property List:
  • Interface Entity:

For Clients Using RealPage

To subscribe to and activate the RealPage interface for your properties, you must use the RealPage AppPartner Marketplace. Please refer to the RealPage Exchange AppPartner Marketplace User Guide for detailed instructions. For questions or assistance with the Marketplace, please contact RealPage Support.

  • If you filter by category of services within the AppPartner Marketplace, LeaseHawk will be listed under the “Digital Marketing” category.
RealPage AppPartner Marketplace - Select "Digital Marketing"

  • After you submit your subscription request, via the AppPartner Marketplace, LeaseHawk will receive an email notification with the information necessary to allow us to access your OneSite system.

You must complete the following configuration within OneSite for each applicable property:

  • The “publish on website” checkbox must be selected for each floor-plan for which unit availability and pricing is relevant to prospects. To confirm or complete, go to Settings/Setup/Crossfire/Property/Floor Plans to locate the “publish on website” checkbox.

Sending Guest Cards to RealPage ILM

  • The client will need to provide LeaseHawk with the ILM tracking email address, unique for each property.
  • The client will need to provide LeaseHawk with a default ad source, (new or existing) to be used only for ACE Chatbot.

If this is not already configured, the client is responsible for contacting RealPage ILM Technical Support for assistance.

(When requesting this information from RealPage, the client may also receive an ILM tracking number, which LeaseHawk does not need and will not use.)

For Clients Using MRI

The MRI integration interfaces/APIs will only work on MRI version 4.5.4 and up, including version X. The interfaces can be utilized by both hosted and self-hosted MRI clients.
To setup the MRI interface for your properties, you must follow the steps provided in the MRI Partner Connect – Client Onboarding Guide. For questions or assistance, please contact MRI Support via the MyMRI Client Portal. The steps to provide LeaseHawk with access to your MRI system basically consist of:

  1. If applicable, execute a Partner Connect agreement.
  2. Submit a support case to MRI with the template provided to get the details needed for LeaseHawk to obtain access to your MRI system.
  3. Submit a support case to MRI indicating to grant LeaseHawk access to your production environment.
Please be advised that MRI only processes Partner Connect related support cases once per week on Wednesday for cases received by end of day Tuesday.

For Clients Using ResMan

You will need to provide the following information to LeaseHawk to allow us to access your ResMan system. If you need assistance obtaining this information, contact ResMan Support:

  • Account ID
  • Site ID(s)