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Set and Manage Tasks in the CRM

Keeping track of contact follow up or assignments is easy with CRM tasks

Last Update:
February 26, 2020

Let's look at how to create and manage tasks.

Selecting the appointments and tasks link on the home screen brings you directly to all of the appointments and tasks for your specific community.


Let’s walk through how to add and effectively manage your task list.


Click the task button on the bottom of your screen to see any active tasks and then the plus button so that we can add one. From the add task screen add the subject and then the details pertaining to the date and time for the task. You can also set a reminder, choose a contact if the task is related to them, and add any notes you like. Click add to set this task.


Back in the site schedule, you'll see your tasks for the date selected and you're able to re-access those to edit or change, once the task is completed for instance, by clicking on it directly.Click edit to have the opportunity to change the status of the task to complete,then you can add any additional notes and click done.


Now that we're viewing the site schedule again you'll notice only one active task notification below and the orange dot in the middle of the target denoting that one of our tasks is complete.


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