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ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Basics

This class is a general introduction and overview of ACE, the virtual leasing assistant. Learn how ACE provides conversational assistance via calls, texts, and chats, 24/7 for your prospective renters. We will cover how ACE handles phone routing, and guest card and appointment creation. This course is recommended for all leasing professionals, management and executives.

What you will learn in this webinar:

How ACE will support your leasing team.
How you are notified when appointments and guest cards are created by ACE.
What the call, text and chat experience is like with ACE.
Reporting options.

What you’ll need for this webinar:

Optional: login access to the LeaseHawk Reporting Platform.
Any questions or feedback you’d like to ask during the Q&A portion of the training.
The link to join the webinar. It will be sent to your email after completing the registration form on this page.

Suzie Combs

LeaseHawk Training Manager

With over twenty years of marketing, PR and customer service experience, Suzie understands the demands placed upon leadership to identify, quantify and optimize business successes and challenges.

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