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Setup Instructions: Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

For originating ad source attribution, follow these Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) instructions on your property websites.

Last Update:
December 10, 2020
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Install DNI on Your Property Website

These instructions provide an overview of how to implement Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) on a website. The LeaseHawk DNI interface is encapsulated in a JavaScript file that calls a service on LeaseHawk’s servers. The JavaScript file will return an unformatted number in string format to be used in the website. You can implement this JavaScript with Google Tag Manager or directly on your website.

Option 1: Install DNI with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is currently experiencing compatibility issues. Please use Option 2 to install DNI directly on your website.

Option 2: Install DNI Directly on Your Website

  1. Add the  code snippet below before </body> tag of your websites. Do not include it in the <head> of your website.
  1. After you have pasted the code snippet, find the placeholder for SITEID and insert your LeaseHawk Site ID for the correct property provided by your LeaseHawk Customer Success Manager. If Site ID is needed, email
  2. Next, still working in the code snippet, confirm that the data-replaceNumbersWithCssClass value matches the CSS class of the elements on your website where the LeaseHawk DNI tracking number will be inserted.
  3. Optionally you can set (data-autoReplacePhoneNumbers="true") to true if you want to auto identify any phone numbers on your website. Any element that has a phone link (href="tel:5555555555") will be replaced.

Updating Your Ad Source with the LHAdSourceID

The final step, and to activate the code on your website page, you will need to include the LHAdSourceId in the link from your ad source (Google,, etc.) to your website. The identifier associated with each ad source will be provided to you by the LeaseHawk implementation team in an Excel Spreadsheet. So, based on the spreadsheet, you would need to change the ad source link like this:

Becomes...<ad source Id>

Or, if you are using another tracking service (like Google) then you would need to change the ad source link like this:

&LHAdSourceId=<ad source Id>