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Call Recording Acknowledgment

During your LeaseHawk implementation process, make sure your employees are aware of call recording.

Last Update:
February 26, 2020
Call Tracking

Call recording is a common business practice used by many industries to gain knowledge for training proposes. During your LeaseHawk implementation, it will be important for you to notify your onsite team that call recording will occur. We suggest sharing this Call Recording Acknowledgment document with them as soon as possible. You do not need to return this form to LeaseHawk. It is for your use only as your company deems necessary.

The form includes a statement for employees to acknowledge that they're aware of LeaseHawk recording inbound and/or outbound calls for quality and training purposes. It states that only those calls to a specially assigned ad-tracking telephone number may be recorded. Additionally, it states the employer and supervisor may review the recorded calls.

If you have any questions about call recording, please reach out to your Implementation Manager or submit a ticket to our Support Team.