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PMS Integration Guide: RealPage

This guide provides instructions on how to integrate LeaseHawk with your RealPage Property Management System (PMS).

Last Update:
September 5, 2019
How-To Guide

Version Requirements

Since OneSite Leasing & Rents is a hosted, web-based solution, version compatibility does not apply. Per RealPage, all clients should be able to utilize their standard integration interfaces.

What LeaseHawk Will Need From You

To subscribe to and activate the RealPage interface for your properties, you must use the RealPage AppPartner Marketplace. Please refer to the RealPage Exchange AppPartner Marketplace User Guide for detailed instructions. For questions or assistance with the Marketplace, please contact RealPage Support.

  • If you filter by category, of services within the AppPartner Marketplace, LeaseHawk will be listed under the “Digital Marketing” category.

  • After you submit your subscription request via the AppPartner Marketplace, LeaseHawk will receive an email notification with the information necessary to allow us to access your OneSite system.

You must complete the following configuration within OneSite for each applicable property:

If you have already provided LeaseHawk access to your OneSite system as part of your LeaseHawk ACE service, LeaseHawk should have the necessary access for the CRM. All configuration requirements listed below are still needed.
  1. Create an ad source named “LeaseHawk App”.
  1. Create an agent named first name, “Lease” last name, “Hawk”.
  1. Make sure each floor plan is added to a marketing floor plan AND all marketing floor plans are marked as “show on website”.
In addition, you will need to work with your LeaseHawk Implementation Manager during the implementation process to:
  • Provide a list of property names as they appear in OneSite and the related OneSite property IDs.
  • Answer any questions that arise from LeaseHawk’s efforts to map ad sources to OneSite.
  • Identify and communicate which ad source will be the default used by LeaseHawk in the event of an unknown or unmatched source so that guest cards can successfully be inserted.

Standard Integration Components

The RealPage Integration provides the following functionality to eliminate duplicate entry, improve accuracy and save time.

Insert Guest Card:
  • Guest Cards will automatically push once placed in the Prospect or Applicant status. If necessary, tap or click the “Send Guest Card” link from the contact edit screen to manually push a specific contact record into OneSite as a Prospect.
  • Contact information, preferences and the original ad source are submitted. Details regarding actual communications are available within the LeaseHawk CRM and Reporting.
  • The CRM user submitting the initial guest card will be required to select the appropriate leasing agent from a list of active names within OneSite.
  • Phases or several OneSite property IDs for a single property can be supported by LeaseHawk. You will need to indicate which phases are related and then the user will be presented with a pick list when submitting a guest card to ensure it gets inserted into the desired OneSite instance/property.
Update Guest Card:
  • After the initial guest card is successfully sent to OneSite, changes saved to the contact information and preferences to that contact record within the LeaseHawk CRM will automatically be sent to OneSite. See Exhibit A for a list of applicable contact information and preferences fields.
  • Guest card updates are no longer applicable once the contact has been converted to Resident relationship status.
  • Updates are processed every 5 minutes.
Relationship Status Updates:
  • When status in OneSite is changed to Applicant or Approved Applicant, the Relationship for the related contact record within the LeaseHawk CRM will automatically be updated to “Applicant.” The date and time the change was made will be recorded and indicate that it was “System Made” versus performed manually by an individual within the LeaseHawk CRM.
  • When status in OneSite is changed to any Resident status (i.e. Future, Current), the Relationship for the related contact record within the LeaseHawk CRM will automatically be updated to “Resident”. The date and time the change was made will be recorded and indicate that it was “System Made” versus performed manually by an individual within the LeaseHawk CRM.
  • Updates are processed twice daily. LeaseHawk CRM Relationship statuses are only moved forward, never backwards.

Operational Integration Configuration

In addition to the standard integration components, you may elect to utilize the optional configuration settings below.

Send All Communications:
  • Once this setting has been activated, LeaseHawk will automatically send all inbound and outbound communications to OneSite within 5 minutes for any active contact that previously successfully inserted the guest card to OneSite via the LeaseHawk CRM. This leasing activity includes emails, calls, text conversations and walk-ins (i.e. visits within OneSite).
  • If the leasing agent’s first and last name, related to the LeaseHawk CRM, doesn’t match a leasing agent within OneSite, the activity will be associated to the default leasing agent name “Lease Hawk”.
  • Communications are no longer sent to OneSite once the contact has been converted to Resident relationship status.
Inactive Reasons:
  • When this setting has been activated, the list of reasons displayed for selection for a contact with a relationship status of Lead, Prospect or Applicant, will be pulled from OneSite rather than using the LeaseHawk standard reason list.
  • Any inactivation that uses the OneSite reason list will also cause an inactivation request to be sent to OneSite in an attempt to set the guest card record to a canceled guest within OneSite. RealPage’s rules determine if/when the inactivation request submitted by LeaseHawk is processed. For example, if the record is still classified as a Prospect within OneSite.

Additional Information

  • Ad source mapping between OneSite and LeaseHawk will be coordinated during initial property setup to ensure successful importing of information into OneSite. Ongoing management will be required to keep revised and/or new sources in sync. It is recommended that you have one person handle all ad source updates across all systems.
  • The LeaseHawk CRM will indicate if required fields are missing that are necessary to insert data into OneSite. The OneSite Standard interface requires both a first name and last name. Other required fields are determined and/or defaulted by LeaseHawk.
  • The LeaseHawk CRM will indicate on the Contact Edit screen if and when the guest card was initially submitted to OneSite. For manually pushed Guest Cards, a pending status may initially be shown until the response from the OneSite system is received. An error message would be displayed in the event of an unsuccessful insert into OneSite.

Exhibit A

Specific Fields Sent/Updated in OneSite

Below are the fields included as part of the integration with RealPage.

Contact Information:
  1. First Name
  1. Last Name
  1. Street Line 1
  1. Street Line 2
  1. City
  1. State
  1. Zip
  1. Phone Number (primary only)
  1. Email Address (primary only)
  1. Property (automatically determined by LeaseHawk)
  1. Date Needed (i..e Desired Move-In Date)
  1. Unit Type (based on selection made at time of guest card submission)
  1. Desired Lease Term
  1. Primary Lead Source (must match a OneSite ad source or default identified during setup will be used)

The Primary Lead Source value is based on the first inbound communication recorded within the LeaseHawk CRM regardless of its date or communications present on the date the guest card is submitted. This is done to provide the most accurate original ad source attribution.