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Agent Performance Basics Part 1: Overview and Scoring

Learn the basics of how LeaseHawk analyzes agent performance and Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) scores.

Last Update:
January 4, 2022
Agent Performance

Welcome to Agent Performance Basics Part 1.

In this video, you’ll learn about LeaseHawk’s Telephone Performance Analysis service, also known as TPA.

What is TPA?

Have you ever called a company and heard a greeting along the lines of, “This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes,”? Recording and evaluating phone calls are common in many industries—including the apartment industry—to develop employee call skills, identify areas of improvement, recognize top talent, and track overall trends.

Your company has partnered with us at LeaseHawk to do just that. So, it’s possible that when you answer your next phone call from a first-time prospect, there’s a chance that our LeaseHawk analysts will listen to that recorded call and score your performance on it.

How Are Calls Scored?

LeaseHawk evaluates a sample of calls from your property each month. These calls are evaluated using a question set, also known as a survey, of leasing best practices for the apartment industry.

The survey consists of six categories and includes questions with an assigned point weight. To earn points and earn high performance scores, be sure to successfully include the information from each question when handling prospect calls. Points are used to calculate an Overall Performance Score and a Performance Score in each category.

The first category of the survey is Introduction and Lead Information, equaling 22 points.

The second category is Pricing, equaling 10 points.

The third category is Qualifying Questions, worth 15 points.

The fourth category is Amenities and Benefits, equaling 16 points.

The fifth category is Closing, worth 35 points.

The sixth and last category is Overall Impression, worth 2 points.

We encourage you to learn your survey and understand each question well, so you can be successful on each prospect call. If you have questions regarding your TPA survey, please reach out to your company’s Training Manager for assistance.