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Setup Instructions: Website Forms to Guest Cards

Follow these simple instructions to set up your website forms.

Last Update:
October 16, 2020


Your properties receive a lot of internet leads! It would be a huge effort to manually enter every internet lead as a Guest Card into the LeaseHawk CRM. Luckily, the LeaseHawk CRM has the ability to automatically create Guest Cards for you by using the information submitted by your leads via website forms.

How It Works

The LeaseHawk CRM uses email parsing to extract a lead’s name and phone number from an email generated by website forms. It then uses that information to automatically create a Guest Card. Simply replace your current property email address that is linked to the web-form with the LeaseHawk provided tracking email address. Here’s the step-by-step process of how it works:

  1. Lead fills out and submits form on website.
  1. The form generates an email with the submitted information.
  1. The email is sent to a LeaseHawk tracking email address.
  1. The LeaseHawk CRM extracts the lead’s name and phone number from the email.
  1. The LeaseHawk CRM creates a Guest Card using the extracted information.

Setup Instructions

You may need to make updates to your forms and form-generated emails in order for these steps to function correctly. Please refer to the guidelines below when setting up forms and parsers within form-generated emails.

Form Requirements

Your form must match the exact Field Names and Field Inputs as outlined in Figure-1 (below), including the use of the colon (“:”). These fields must appear at the top of the email. It is required that your form include First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone. Fields marked as Required cannot be blank when submitted by the lead.


Form Generated Email Requirements

The lead’s information must be sent as an email to a LeaseHawk tracking email address in order for a Guest Card to be created automatically. Please make sure the email generated uses parsers that match the Field Name and Field Inputs as stated in the table above. See Figure-2 (below) for an example of how your form’s generated emails should be sent to LeaseHawk.

The content after the “Additional Info:” line will be appended to the form comments. That allows this information to be visible in the guest card.


Other Requirements

  • You must notify LeaseHawk if you change your ad source name in the PMS (Property Management System).
  • By changing ad source names, you risk the possibility of Guest Cards not being created in the LeaseHawk CRM.
  • The LeaseHawk tracking email address and the ad source for the matching parser must be exactly the same.
  • ILS's (Internet Listing Service) that use an API, such as and Zillow, do not require a unique LeaseHawk tracking email address.
  • If you would like to track the source of each email, then you will need to use separate LeaseHawk tracking email addresses for each source.