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How to Correct "Unknown Employee" Names in Reporting

Do you see an "Unknown Employee" in your Scored Calls report? Follow this guide for help!

Last Update:
February 16, 2021
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How-To Guide

Unknown Employee Names in Reporting

Why is an Unknown Employee appearing in my report?

If you notice an “Unknown Employee” showing up in your TPA Scored Calls report, then you may be missing an employee code for one of your team members. Every leasing professional who answers calls is assigned an employee code that should be entered on the telephone keypad after a caller hangs up. If the code isn’t entered and the call is scored, the scored call may be assigned to “Unknown Employee.”

How do I correct an Unknown Employee?

  1. Log in to
  1. Open your Scored Calls report under the TPA reports drop-down.
  1. Copy the “Call ID” number for the call you need to attribute to an employee name.
  1. Open the Call Details report under the General reports drop-down.
  1. Select the Call ID column drop-down.
  1. Select Filter to open a secondary box.
  1. Paste the copied Call ID.
  1. Click Filter.
  1. Now you will see one line of call data for the call that needs an employee name assigned to it.
  1. Under the “Employee Name” column, click on “Unknown Employee”.
  1. box will pop up with a drop-down list of names. Choose the name of the agent who took the call. If you do not see the name, please email the agent name, property and management company name to so the list can be updated.
  1. Click Save.

This name assignment will update the TPA Scored Calls report.

Tips & Best Practices

To help prevent “Unknown Employee” attribution, use these best practices:

  • Keep your list of active leasing professionals updated within the LeaseHawk system by sending leasing staff changes to
  • Instruct all leasing professionals answering calls to enter their code onto the phone keypad after the caller hangs up.
  • If calls are scored by LeaseHawk’s expert analysts, include results as part of rewards, recognition and compensation programs, along with overall evaluations of employees.