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AI-Powered Survey & Scoring Criteria

Review the survey and scoring criteria used by LeaseHawk’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure agent performance.

Last Update:
January 11, 2024
Agent Performance


LeaseHawk offers two scoring methods to measure agent performance for our clients: manual scoring by our expert analysts or scoring powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article discusses the survey and scoring criteria used by our AI only. The survey and scoring criteria performed by our expert analysts can be found here.

If you are unsure which scoring method is used for your properties, please reach out to your LeaseHawk Client Success Manager or email

Individual Performance Evaluation

Introduction & Lead Information Weight
1. Leasing Professional (LP) clearly introduces self and the community.
Criteria: LP must provide their name and the community's name at the beginning of the call.
2. LP attempts to determine caller’s name or caller volunteers name. 8
3. LP attempts to determine caller’s contact information. 8
4. LP lists community and/or apartment amenities, features, and benefits before or while mentioning price or price range.
Criteria: If price is not mentioned at all during the call, but amenities, features or benefits are discussed, this question will be answered yes, since the caller has been provided valuable information about the apartment and/or community. Square footage and number of bedrooms or bathrooms are not amenities or features.
Qualifying Questions
5. LP inquires if the caller has pets or caller asks if the community accepts pets. 5
6. LP attempts to determine when the apartment is needed or caller volunteers when the apartment is needed. 5
7. LP attempts to determine the advertising source or caller volunteers the advertising source. 2
8. LP attempts to determine why the caller is moving or caller volunteers why they are moving.
Criteria: If the caller volunteers that their lease is expiring, this is not a reason for moving. The LP should ask why they chose not to renew their lease.
9. LP determines that the caller is not qualified due to price, pet, lack of availability, school district, etc.
Criteria: If it is determined that the caller will not be able to rent in the community, this question will be answered yes. A caller not qualified should prompt the LP to suggest sister properties as well as referring the caller to the company website. The LP should still get the caller’s name and contact information, so following up is possible in the event there are changes in the situation that initially determined the caller was not qualified (i.e., specials, change in pet policy). When this question is answered yes, questions 1, 2, 7, 9 and any other question addressed by the LP, will be answered with a yes or no. Any other questions not addressed will be answered N/A. The questions answered N/A will not be factored into the scoring equation. The denominator of the score will be less than 100, depending on the number of questions addressed by the LP. It would then still be possible to score 100% on the call.
Amenities & Benefits
10. LP asks caller for their specific needs/preferences or caller volunteers their needs preferences.
Criteria: By asking questions to determine the caller’s specific needs, the LP will be better able to determine which apartment in the community will be most suitable for the caller. In addition, details obtained here can then be used to personalize the conversation when discussing benefits of amenities in the community and features of the apartment (see questions 11 and 12). Size of the apartment (square footage and number of rooms) is not a specific need.
11. LP mentions benefits of community amenities as they pertain to the caller’s stated needs.
Criteria: This question would be answered yes if the LP explains how the caller could benefit from features or amenities of the community. For example, just talking about the on-site laundry facilities is not a benefit of an amenity; however, talking about how the caller could wash several loads of clothes at one time by using the laundry room would be a benefit. Just talking about public transportation is not a benefit; however, talking about how using the public transportation that stops right in front of the community could save gas for the caller is a benefit.
12. LP mentions benefits of apartment features as they pertain to the caller’s stated needs.
Criteria: Using the same logic as described in question 11, this question would be answered yes if the LP explains how the caller could benefit from features of the apartment. For example, just mentioning a dishwasher is not a benefit; however, mentioning that the dishwasher could save the caller time and dishpan hands is a benefit. Just mentioning walk-in closets is not a benefit; however, mentioning that the caller would have plenty of closet space for large items and that there would be no need to rent a separate storage unit would be a benefit.
13. LP asks to set an appointment or caller requests appointment.
Criteria: In order to get credit for this question, the LP must put a time frame around the question. For example, “When can you come out to the property?” or “What day/time would you be available to view the apartment?” There is a difference between inviting the caller out to the community (i.e. “Would you like to view an apartment?”) and actually asking them to set an appointment. Asking for an appointment is an attempt to narrow down an exact, or up to a two-hour window of, time to meet with the caller.
14. LP actually sets up an appointment to show property on a specific day and time or window (up to 2-hour window).
Criteria: If possible, get the caller to set a specific appointment time (time and day).
15. LP tells the caller that they do not need an appointment.
Criteria: This question will always be answered yes or no, unless the caller is not qualified to live at the community. In that case, the question will be answered N/A.
16. LP offers directions to the community.
Criteria: A “yes” is earned if LP offers directions or confirms the caller knows where the property is located. A “no” is earned in the following and similar circumstances: a specific appointment is set, but directions are not offered; LP tells the caller he/she does not need an appointment, but directions are not offered. If a specific appointment is not set and no directions are offered, or LP doesn’t tell the caller they do not need an appointment and directions are not offered.
17. LP offers to send information to caller or refers caller to a sister community.
Criteria: If an appointment is set, this question will be answered N/A. If not addressed, thus taking this question out of the scoring equation.
18. LP determines if caller has visited community/company website and if not, directs caller to website.
Criteria: If an appointment is set, this question will be answered N/A. If not addressed, thus taking this question out of the scoring equation.
Overall Impression
19. Based on the LP’s presentation, were you motivated to visit?
Criteria: Scores refer to variables in historical, human-scored calls to determine motivation. On non-qualified calls, this will always be answered N/A.

Results and Reporting

Results from the AI evaluation are available within minutes. Use your reports for benchmarking overall performance and tracking trends. For more information about agent performance reports, click here.

If you disagree with your scored call performance, and with manager approval, you may challenge the score by emailing us at Your call challenge must include details of the objection in a written communication and include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Property Name
  • Employee Name
  • Unique Call ID
  • Date of Call
  • Timestamp of challenge within call (e.g. I fulfilled the requirement at 2:08 in the call)
  • Reason

The deadline for call challenges is the 8th of the following month. If there are no call challenges, all scored calls will appear in reporting as they were originally scored.