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Release Notes: Filter By Point Person

Discover an efficient way of staying organized in the CRM by filtering buckets by Point Person.

Last Update:
October 16, 2020
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The latest release for the LeaseHawk CRM, available January 23, 2019.


All CRM users must log out of the LeaseHawk CRM and log back in for updated functionality. Update applies to the LeaseHawk CRM desktop application only, not available on iOS or Android devices. If feature does not appear, the user should reinstall the LeaseHawk CRM from the Chrome Web Store.

Filter by Point Person

Quickly filter LeaseHawk CRM buckets by Point Person.


1. Log in to the LeaseHawk CRM.

2. Click on a bucket (Action Required, Lead, Prospect, etc.).

3. Click “Point Person”. (Figure 1)

  • This will open the Point Person filter.

4. Select the names of the Point Person(s) that you would like to filter the buckets by. (Figure 2)

  • Your name and “Unassigned” will be automatically selected by default each time you log in.
  • Be sure to click “Uncheck All” to clear the default selections before applying a new selection.

5. Click “Apply”.

6. You will now see the name of the Point Person you’ve selected in the top-right corner. If multiple Point Persons were selected, you will see the word “Multiple” and the number of Point Persons selected in parenthesis. (Figure 3)

7. To open the Point Person filter again, click on the arrow/caret icon next to the name of your current selection. (Figure 3)

From left to right: Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3

Improved Advanced Search

The LeaseHawk CRM Advanced Search is now optimized to help you search for communications, contacts and notes even faster.


1. Click on the menu/hamburger icon in the top-right corner.

2. Select “Advanced Search”. (Figure 1)

3. Type in a keyword related to your search. (Figure 2)

  • All search parameters are turned on by default.
  • You may narrow down your search by toggling the parameters to the off position and/or by entering a Start Date and End Date.
  • The search parameter buttons are green when they are turned on and are grey when they are turned off.

4. Click “Search”.

From left to right: Figure 1, Figure 2

Why these enhancements are helpful to you...

  • Stay organized. Use the filter to view items assigned to you and hide what is assigned to other people.
  • Work fluidly. The Point Person Filter will apply to all buckets in the CRM, so you won't have to set a new filter as you work in each bucket.
  • Better teamwork. Quickly step in and help a coworker during an unexpected absence or busy day by filtering by their name.
  • Improve response time. Allows you to focus on new leads quickly.