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Release Notes: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Call Transcriptions

Identify helpful tips to properly view call transcriptions through the LeaseHawk CRM.

Last Update:
October 16, 2020
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The latest release for the LeaseHawk CRM, available April 12, 2019.


All CRM users must log out of the LeaseHawk CRM and log back in for updated functionality. Update applies to the LeaseHawk CRM desktop application only, not available on iOS or Android devices. If feature does not appear, the user should reinstall the LeaseHawk CRM from the Chrome Web Store.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Call Transcriptions

View Call Transcription

You are now able to view the transcription of calls and voicemails in the LeaseHawk CRM.


1. Click on any Phone Call or Voicemail in the Timeline to view the “Call Details” screen.

2. The call or voicemail transcription will appear in the box, “Call Audio & Transcription” within just a few minutes of the LeaseHawk CRM receiving it.

3. Click the expand icon to view more of the transcription.

Expand Icon

4. The gray conversation bubbles indicate when the caller is speaking and orange indicates the agent.

Call Notes

Edit and Save Call Notes

It’s now more intuitive to edit and save call notes in the LeaseHawk CRM.


1. From the contact’s Timeline, click on a Phone Call or Voicemail.

2. On the “Call Details” screen, click the box titled, “Call Notes” and type your notes.

3. Click any other action, such as, “Make a Call” or click the back arrow to return to the Timeline and continue your work.

4. A prompt will appear that says, “Would you like to accept your changes?”

5. Select “Save” to save your notes.

Share Functionality

Email and Download Call Audio

In addition to sharing call recordings via email, you are now able to download call recordings from the LeaseHawk CRM.


1. From the “Call Details” screen, click on a Phone Call or Voicemail.

2. Click on the ellipsis icon located next to the audio play bar.

Ellipsis Icon

3. A prompt will appear with options to “Share” or “Download”

  • Select “Share” and choose the recipients that you would like to receive the call audio. It will be emailed as an audio recording link.
  • Select “Download” and a MP3 audio recording will be downloaded to your computer. Check your Downloads folder to retrieve the file.

Why are these enhancements helpful to you...

  • Voicemails and call recordings are available in a visual, written format.
  • Quickly prioritize your follow-up by reading through the transcriptions.
  • Increase your efficiency by reviewing voicemail transcripts so you can respond quickly with more precise information.
  • You can add detailed call notes based on both the transcript and the audio voicemail file.
  • Easy call note updating—simply type in the call notes section, click any action, and click "Save" when prompted.
  • Share or download audio files for easy access and reference.