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CRM iOS Download Instructions

[CRM - Article] The basic version of your CRM app is available for your mobile phone or tablet through the app store. Search here for simple instructions for the IOS download.

CRM Desktop Download Instructions

[CRM - How-To Guide] Installing the LeaseHawk CRM onto your desktop computer is fast and easy. Find a step-by-step guide here, including information on adding it to your task bar.

CRM Basics

[CRM - How-To Guide] Follow these simple daily guidelines to use the CRM like a pro.

Release Notes: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Call Transcriptions

[CRM - Release Note] The latest release for the LeaseHawk CRM, available April 12, 2019. View call transcriptions within the CRM.

Implementation Checklist: LeaseHawk CRM

[CRM - Implementation] This checklist is your path to getting started with the LeaseHawk CRM. Use this checklist to keep track of each task assigned to you for a fast, simple and successful implementation process!

CRM Report Descriptions

[CRM - Article] Learn about your CRM reports and where to go for monitoring your team's communications, response time and conversion rates.

CRM App Certification

Take this short quiz and pass with 100% to earn your LeaseHawk CRM Achievement Certificate. You may take as often as needed to achieve your perfect score.

CRM Quick Start Guide

[CRM - How-To Guide] Check out these simple tips and best practices for getting started with your new CRM.

Webinar Registration - CRM Overview

Register here for the next "CRM App Overview" live training webinar from LeaseHawk.

Merge Contacts in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Create a master contact by merging duplicate contacts and streamline your guest card data within the CRM.