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CRM Desktop Download Instructions

[CRM - How-To Guide] Installing the LeaseHawk CRM onto your desktop computer is fast and easy. Find a step-by-step guide here, including information on adding it to your task bar.

CRM iOS Download Instructions

[CRM - Article] The basic version of your CRM app is available for your mobile phone or tablet through the app store. Search here for simple instructions for the IOS download.

CRM Basics

[CRM - How-To Guide] Follow these simple daily guidelines to use the CRM like a pro.

Release Notes: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Call Transcriptions

[CRM - Release Note] The latest release for the LeaseHawk CRM, available April 12, 2019. View call transcriptions within the CRM.

CRM Quick Start Guide

[CRM - How-To Guide] Check out these simple tips and best practices for getting started with your new CRM.

CRM App Certification

Take this short quiz and pass with 100% to earn your LeaseHawk CRM Achievement Certificate. You may take as often as needed to achieve your perfect score.

Webinar Registration - CRM Overview

Register here for the next "CRM App Overview" live training webinar from LeaseHawk.

Implementation Checklist: LeaseHawk CRM

[CRM - Implementation] This checklist is your path to getting started with the LeaseHawk CRM. Use this checklist to keep track of each task assigned to you for a fast, simple and successful implementation process!

CRM Report Descriptions

[CRM - Article] Learn about your CRM reports and where to go for monitoring your team's communications, response time and conversion rates.

Log Tours in the CRM

[CRM - Video] Add tours and unit numbers in the CRM to keep your reporting records up-to-date.