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Leasing Team Performance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get started with the basics of Agent Performance (AP) and Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA).

Last Update:
April 30, 2020
Agent Performance

Leasing Team Phone Performance FAQs

Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) - Trained LeaseHawk analysts evaluate agent's telephone performance with prospects based on an assigned custom or standard survey.

Agent Performance (AP) - Prospect calls are evaluated using an industry-standard survey and LeaseHawk's custom-trained artificial intelligence system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which calls are scored?

LeaseHawk makes every attempt to score first time prospect calls. If either party mentions that the caller has made prior contact, is a resident, employee, vendor, etc.- the call will not be scored.

When are calls scored?

LeaseHawk makes every attempt to score calls evenly throughout the month.

Are all employees scored?

LeaseHawk makes every attempt to score calls evenly amongst your team members. However, we cannot guarantee that all employees are scored as only qualified calls are selected for scoring.

What are employee codes?

Employee codes are only utilized for TPA clients (not AP). An employee code is a unique code that is assigned to each employee to attribute to the scored call. Employees are encouraged to enter their LeaseHawk employee code on the phone keypad after the caller hangs up to ensure that the proper TPA scores are assigned to the correct leasing agent. This eliminates any confusion where sites have employees with the same first name. AP clients do not utilize codes. Both systems require that LeaseHawk is kept updated with leasing agent names.

Why do I see scored calls assigned to “Unknown Employee”?

If an employee does not enter their code and we are unable to assign the call due to no employee name listed or duplicate names, we will score the call and assign it to Unknown Employee. You may make a request for Unknown Employee calls not to be scored, but then it is critical that you submit current employee lists to LeaseHawk on a regular basis.

How do I request new employee codes?

We request that employee updates are sent to LeaseHawk ( as soon as possible to ensure we have a current employee roster for all sites. Updates include site assignment changes, new leasing employees, resignations/terminations, employees who go by a nickname rather than their legal name, and employees who should not be scored (we will include “DNS” for Do Not Score).

What if I disagree with the score of a call?

If an employee disagrees with his/her scored call performance, we will accept a call challenge via email at Details of the objection must be outlined in a written communication along with:




Unique Call ID

Date of call

Time stamp of challenge within call (ex: I fulfilled the requirement at 2:08 in the call)


Deadline for call challenges is the 4th of the following month.

When will scored calls be available in LeaseHawk Reporting?

If there are no call challenges, all scored calls will appear in reporting on or before the 10th of the following month.